Over the past week, from our balcony at 21 Internatsionalnaya Street, we have seen both an empty city paralized by fear, and a city full of people with joyfull smiles. And we want to tell you what we believe in.

All ART Corporation projects were created with an awareness of the power of creativity and its ability to change the world, broadcast the idea of empathy and fortitude.

The concepts of “peace” that we have been told so often are distorted. But we believe in the power of humanism, the unconditional value of an individual and justice. We also believe in a world where the law is equal to the law, a person remains a person, and good is good.

The aim of ART Corporation’s work is the path of creation, from which we are often led astray. We see that the Belarusians have a core, the foundation of which is culture. World history confirms that nothing is possible without it. In a situation where culture in the country is being destroyed, we cannot remain silent. And this is not only about obstructing the activities of private projects, closing cultural spaces, and seizing works of art.

We are outraged by the falsification of our votes, the groundless initiation of criminal cases and the fact that ethics, morality and honesty have ceased to be a priority. The violence, powerlessness and aggression that have become evident over the past week will never be forgotten.

We support those who find themselves in difficult situations, and we admire the young spirit that was able to inspire and unite completely different people.

Our mission at such a difficult time for Belarus is to do everything possible so that important cultural projects continue to live. No matter what.

Help each other, be open and solidarity, and most importantly — safe.

Photographer — Pasha Krichko