Theater Club at Silver Screen invites you to solve the intriguing and cruel mystery happening behind the scenes. On March 15, there will be shown the play All About Eve by Ivo van Hove with Gillian Anderson in the role of an all-powerful prima Margo Channing and wonderful Lily James playing a young star Eve Harrington. The screening and discussion with theatre experts will begin at 18:05 at VOKA CINEMA by Silver Screen. The screening will be repeated on March 29 at 18:00, without discussion.


An aging theatre diva faces a young ambitious little star. A familiar story about betrayal, ageing and loneliness, unlike the famous ironic novel Theater by Somerset Maugham, acquires in the spectacle by Ivo van Hove a tragic anguish worthy of William Shakespeare. It becomes possible due to such powerful actresses, as Gillian Anderson (The X-Files), who had long proved her talent in any role, and young, but already amazing Lily James (Downton Abbey).

The Belgian director Ivo van Hove pays attention to his favorite genre of “cinema/theatre” and again decides to rethink one of cinema masterpieces. This time the choice fell on the Oscar-winning drama All About Eve, which got 14 nominations of the Academy Awards in 1950.

Theatre Club spectators have already seen in Minsk one exciting production by Ivo van Hove – Électre/Oreste, where he combined two plays by Euripides. This time the director will surprise viewers with an impressive video projection: with the help of cameramen, walking around the stage, you can see the main heroine in the back of a giant dressing / living room. This place, where an actress can be by herself and where there is no need to act, is now in front of everybody. And what is happening there is in sharp contrast with what is happening downstage.

In the Theatre Club you can not only see the production on the screen, but also discuss it with the theatre experts and club moderator Angelika Krashevskaya, the director of the Visual and Performing Arts Centre “ART Corporation” and the International Theatre Forum “TEART”.

The March speakers of the Club will be:

Natalia Agafonova – Ph.D. in art, the author of three books on cinema, member of FIPRESCI.

Katya Ilyina – a journalist and a staff member of the Satellite TV Channel “Belarus 24”, the author and host of several TV programmes. The author of the “ARTiSHOCK” programme, devoted to the contemporary and alternative art in Belarus.

Theater Club is a project by Silver Screen Cinemas, where you can see the best world performances, participate in discussions, meet new people or just take an intellectual break. It creates the atmosphere of a theatre in cinema: with bells, original programmes and intermissions.