In July, the project “ArtLectorium in Cinema” invites viewers to visit large-scale art exhibitions from around the world. The Prado Museum, the Royal Academy of Arts and the Borghese Gallery – this is an incomplete list of famous collections available for visiting, even under the bans related to the pandemic.

On July 4, Falcon Club Cinema Boutique presents a cinematic portrait of one of the greatest masters of the 21st century, David Hockney. Film-exhibition “David Hockney. Pop Art at the Royal Academy of Arts” is an opportunity to visit two high-profile exhibitions of the artist organized by the Royal Academy of Arts in 2012 and 2016, as well as to better understand the origins of Hockney’s artistic audacity by watching excerpts from his candid and in-depth interviews.

Shot from the film “David Hockney. Pop Art at the Royal Academy of Arts”

On July 10, from VOKA CINEMA by Silver Screen, we go to the exhibition of the artist, who connected the Middle Ages and the New Time with his work, while remaining a mystery to art critics. “The Wonderful World of Hieronymus Bosch” offers an afterword to the exhibitions that took place in the Dutch city Hertogenbosch and at the Prado Museum in Madrid in 2016.

On July 11, the cinema “Tsentralnyi” will take the viewers to the Borghese gallery in Rome. It is the place, which collects the world’s best collection of sculptures by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Bernini became the creator of the Baroque style in sculpture and became famous for his irrepressible creative energy and the vicissitudes of a stormy personal life. Apollo and Daphne, The Abduction of Proserpine, David and other masterpieces by Bernini from the Borghese collection, a true “theater in stone”, formed the basis of the documentary “Bernini”.

Shot from the film “Bernini”

A week later, in the cozy hall of the Falcon Club Cinema Boutique we are watching the documentary “Munch-150”, dedicated to the largest exhibition of the artist’s works in history. 220 works by the Norwegian master have been collected by the Norwegian National Museum and the Munch Museum. The invited guests and experts, both from the artist’s homeland and from around the world, will share their views on the life and work of the famous painter with the host of the program – art critic Tim Marlowe.

On Saturday, July 24, at VOKA CINEMA by Silver Screen, we are watching the film-exhibition “Renoir – Unknown Artist”, which tells the not entirely known biography of the great artist, and at the same time explores his role as a link between old and new times. And on July 25, the cinema “Tsentralnyi” invites you to watch the documentary “Leonardo. The Whole History” and enjoy the pictures of the great da Vinci in Ultra HD-resolution.

Screenings within the framework of the TheaterHD project are organized by ART Corporation. We advise you to take precautions and make your movie visit not only enjoyable but also safe: please wear masks and use other protective means.

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