For the first time – a performance of the Russian theater, for the first time – Timothy Kulyabin, for the first time – a nominee for the most prestigious theater award in Russia in the Theater Club. «Children of the Sun» is a modernized version of the play by Maxim Gorky, where all the heroes are on the verge of a time break, the Millennium. Timothy Kulyabin’s drama was nominated for the Golden Mask Award in six categories at once. You can see it for the first time on Belarusian screens and discuss it with theater experts on February 16 at VOKA CINEMA by Silver Screen.


The scenic story of the play Children of the Sun is not so rich; it is in the shadow of the more famous and popular The Lower Depths or Vassa Zheleznova. Despite the fact that this play is no less deep and interesting. The hero of Children of the Sun, Pavel Fedorovich Protasov, is a scientist, absorbed in work: he does not think about his family, in which meanwhile a real drama is brewing.

Timothy Kulyabin is a director well known to the Minsk audience. His performances Three Sisters, Ivanov and Onegin in different years were shown in the framework of the International Theatre Forum “TEART”. The production Children of the Sun of the Novosibirsk State Academic Theater “Krasny Fakel” at the Golden Mask festival-prize is presented in the nominations “Drama / Small Form Performance”, “Director’s Work”, “Artist’s Work” (Oleg Golovko), “Female Role” (Daria Emelyanova), “Male Role” (Pavel Polyakov), “Supporting Female Role” (Irina Krivonos), “Supporting Male Role” (Andrey Chernykh).


“The feeling that the world populated by our dreams, problems, dramas has already been exhausted, that it will change very soon now – a very important component of Children of the Sun, which is one of the most interesting to me. But the topic of the detachment of the intelligentsia from the people, the clash of the intelligentsia and the masses – in the form in which it was written by Gorky – in my opinion, simply no longer exists. But the sensation of a watershed, a threshold, a premonition of a sharp jump – this feeling is very familiar to me, it lives in me as a clear and close memory of the turn of the era, which is called the millennium. The clear memory of this watershed, which I can already look at from a certain distance today, has become for me a key moment in the analysis of this play,” comments Timothy Kulyabin.

“There was no such flawless logic as here in any of his previous works”, writes theater critic Anton Khitrov about the director. The Young Siberia magazine emphasizes the artist’s work: “Children of the Sun is another scenographic breakthrough from Oleg Golovko. ”


Together with the host of the Theater Club, Angelica Krashevskaya, the production will be discussed by:

Lyudmila Gromyko – theater critic, teacher, curator of the Belarus Open program of the TEART forum.

Tanya Artimovich – theater critic and researcher.

Repeated screenings of Stage Russia HD at the Theater Club will take place on February 22 and 26. Sessions will be held without discussion.