The masterpiece of director Kama Ginkas based on Chekhov’s play “Black Monk” will be shown in Minsk in video format. This is a unique opportunity to see the best performance of Ginkas, which is shown so rarely that it is almost impossible to buy tickets for it. The screening will take place on February 19 at VOKA CINEMA by Silver Screen in the Dana Mall within the framework of the Theatre Club – after screening viewers will be able to discuss the production with theatre experts.

The work of Kama Ginkas is uncomfortable, disturbing and painful, but at the same time fascinating and deep. The “Black Monk” is based on the story by Chekhov, which has not been staged. The artists pronounce the original text almost entirely, dividing it into four parts and between four artists – Sergei Makovetsky, Valery Barinov, Yulia Svezhakova and Igor Yasulovich. 

Kama Ginkas preserves the nature of the classical text in the performance and adds stunning acting and artistic solutions. Chekhov’s thought about the frailty of life, the impossibility of harmony and inevitable disappointment is played out in a unique form – the artists perform their roles on the spectator’s balcony, with their backs to the emptiness and darkness of the hall.

“Black Monk” is time-tested – presented back in 1999 at the Moscow Youth Theatre, this performance remains one of the main creations of Ginkas. This production is not shown so often, so everyone should see it, but not everyone succeeds. For the performance “Black Monk” Kama Ginkas received the M. Tumanishvili award “For Excellence in Art”, “Crystal Turandot” and “The Seagull”, and the set designer Sergei Barkhin received the “Golden Mask” award. Sergei Makovetsky, who shines not only in the films of Balabanov, Todorovsky and Mikhalkov, but also on the theatre stage, was awarded the State Prize of the Russian Federation for a duet with Igor Yasulovich.

The show will be held within the framework of the “Theatre Club at Silver Screen” – this project shows the world’s best performances in high-quality video format. Coffee before the show or during the intermission, vivid visual impressions and lively emotions will allow you to immerse yourself in the theatrical atmosphere. After the screening the viewers along with invited guests from the theatre industry will participate in a discussion and can ask questions to theatre experts.

This time the production of Kama Ginkas can be discussed with Lyudmila Gromyko, theatre critic, curator of the Belarus Open program of the International Theatre Forum “TEART”, as well as with Ksenia Knyazeva, a theatre researcher. The discussion will be moderated by the director of Visual and Performing Arts Centre “ART Corporation” and International Theatre Forum “TEART” – Angelika Krasheuskaya.

You can buy tickets for the show on the website and Shows within the framework of the Theatre Club are organized by ART Corporation, the Silver Screen cinema chain and the Stage Russia HD project.

When visiting the cinema, please remember to wear masks.

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