Accelerating the onset of spring is easier than ever: this February, the Theatre HD project will show 17 performances of the world’s best theatres. The Paris Opera, the Royal National Theatre, the Bolshoi Theatre of Russia, the Metropolitan Opera and more – the repertoire is rich enough to plunge into the world of theatre and spend the last winter evenings pleasantly.

The playbill contains the performances by the most discussed theatre directors of our time and performances that cannot be missed. This month, you cannot miss the works of choreographer-magician Matthew Bourne and multiple Golden Masks laureate Dmitry Chernyakov. More about the events in February below.

Shakespeare’s tragedy “Coriolanus” will be shown on February 6. A small stage of the Donmar Theatre, a few chairs, graffiti on the walls and brutal costumes, equally referring to both Roman history and modernity. In the centre of the actor’s ensemble is Tom Hiddleston.

On February 7, the Royal National Theatre will present the performance “No Man’s Land” with Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart. Based on a play by Harold Pinter, legendary British actors play two writers who meet in a pub for a drink. Over time, the innocent chatter of two old friends becomes extremely tense and takes on a serious turn. Watch the rerun on February 24.

“King Lear: McKellen” will be presented on 9 February. It will be superfluous to list all the iconic roles of the legendary British actor Ian McKellen – everyone knows him from the best Hollywood films and TV series created in the UK. In addition, McKellen is a brilliant theatre actor, laureate of seven Laurence Olivier awards. You can see his talent in the performance based on the most famous Shakespeare’s tragedy “King Lear”.

“The Red Shoes”, a British musical theatre classic by Matthew Bourne, can be seen on 10 February. The performance tells a beautiful and dramatic story about obsession, vanity, love and a dream that has become a curse. British choreographer Matthew Bourne is known for his passionate love of cinema – references to famous films are in many of his performances. Within the framework of the Theatre HD project in Minsk, his performances “Romeo and Juliet”, “Swan Lake”, “Car Men”, “Sleeping Beauty” have already been shown.

On the same day – “Cyrano de Bergerac”. The story of the real poet and brave warrior Cyrano has been transferred to our time. And this means – no fake noses, raincoats and swords. After all, de Bergerac’s main weapon at all times was a sharp mind and a ruthlessly accurate word! And, of course, a romantic big heart. The role of Cyrano is played by the genius master of transformation James McAvoy.

It is possible to watch the performance “Uncle Vanya” on February 13, a fresh British premiere based on Russian classics, adapted by Irish director and playwright, Olivier Prize winner Conor McPherson. Director Ian Rickson has selected an excellent cast, which, coupled with the talent of the stage director, guarantees the flow of emotions and the masterful transformation of the stage action into on-screen action.

“Onegin” by the leading German ballet company, the Stuttgart Ballet, will be shown on 14 February. This production is an impeccable example of the genre “story ballet” with beautiful costumes. Viewers from all over the world love Onegin for its sincerity and emotionality, incredible ingenuity of dances and how the story of love, discrepancies, tragic mistakes and the strength of a pure soul really responds to the audience. Reruns of the best ballet by John Cranko will take place on February 17, February 24 and 28.

On February 14, there will also be an opportunity to watch a production of the Paris Opera “Iolanta / Nutcracker”. Combining the opera “Iolanta” about healing a blind queen with love with the ballet “Nutcracker”, Dmitry Chernyakov turned the gigantic stage of the Paris Opera Bastille into a magical New Year’s party, where anything is possible.

Watch “View from the Bridge” on February 16. An all-star cast led by Mark Strong shines in a tale of forbidden love. The play has not left theatrical stages around the world for several decades, and Ivo van Hove’s performance became one of the stage sensations of the 2010s.

On February 17 and 21, London’s Globe Theatre will show “Twelfth Night”, a comedy of tangled romantic relationships, sparkling with some of the most delicate dialogues ever written by William Shakespeare. All roles in the play are performed exclusively by men, and the costumes, music and choreography in this play are also created based on the 17th century fashion – just like in the Globe Theatre from the time of Shakespeare himself.

On February 20, you can see a striking performance from the Metropolitan Opera. “Akhnaten” will show ancient Egypt from the twentieth century. “Akhnaten”, written by Philip Glass in 1983, is the final opera of his “portrait trilogy” dedicated to the major characters of world history, captured by their own ideas and influencing humanity with their help.

On the same day on the screen – “Snegurochka” by Dmitry Chernyakov, the most famous Russian opera director. His “Snegurochka” is completely rid of the fairy-tale flair and preserves folklore motives. While theatergoers around the world are looking for a chance to grab a ticket to his performances, the screening of “Snegurochka” in Minsk is a delightful event.

“The Sleeping Beauty” is a famous and classical ballet. The ceremonial, crowded and fabulously beautiful production of the Bolshoi Theatre of Russia is truly enchanting – it is not without reason that this production opened the Historical Stage of the Bolshoi Theatre after reconstruction. You can see Yuri Grigorovich’s ballet on February 28.