The performance “Onegin” by the Russian stage director Timofey Kulyabin will be shown at the VOKA CINEMA by Silver Screen in Dana Mall on 15th January. The theatre production will be presented within the scope of the “Theatre Club”, so the audience will have an opportunity to discuss what they have seen with theatre experts.

“Onegin” is absolutely different from what spectators might expect from a production that refers to Pushkin. The action in the performance takes place in our time. The scene is the cinema pavilion. In the atmosphere of the performance, literally out of nothing, an incredible reality is born. There are no balls, no fans, no lorgnettes in it. And no “encyclopedia of Russian life.” Only feelings and passions. Sincerity and delusion. Movement towards each other and loss.

The choice of this performance for the “Theatre Club” program is not accidental – “Onegin” can be called a milestone event in the world of Russian and European theatre. The Novosibirsk theatre “Red Torch” twice became a laureate of the “Golden Mask” award, for the first time in 20 years of its existence. The name of Timofey Kulyabin is well known to theatre-goers: the director has already become recognized in Russia and has participated in leading theatre festivals. The performance “Onegin” was twice presented at the International Theatre Forum “TEART” in 2015 and 2020.

“Theater Club” in Silver Screen is the place where the world’s best productions are shown in high quality video. Three calls before the start, coffee during intermission, vivid visual impressions and emotions will allow you to immerse yourself in the theatrical atmosphere. After the screening, viewers, along with invited guests from the theatre sphere, participate in a discussion and can ask questions to theatre experts.

This time, Timofey Kulyabin’s production can be discussed with Alexei Strelnikov, theatre critic, author of the @minsk_theatre_live telegram channel, as well as with Victoria Belyakova, theatre expert and organizer of the WriteBox festival. The discussion will be moderated by the director of Visual and Performing Arts Centre “ART Corporation” and the International Theatre Forum “TEART” – Angelika Krashevskaya.

You can buy tickets for the show on the website and Shows within the framework of the Theatre Club are organized by ART Corporation, the Silver Screen cinema and the Stage Russia HD project.

When visiting the cinema, please remember to wear masks.

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