The Theater Club successfully opened at Silver Screen velcom cinema in July. The next production that you can watch and discuss with the theater experts will be The Audience сwith Helen Mirren in the role of Elizabeth II. On August 11 we invite you to enjoy the dramatic, directorial and acting triumph of the classic British theatre. The meeting will be moderated by the director of the ART Corporation Center and the TEART Forum Angelika Krashevskaya.


The British royal family remains cornerstone of the world celebrity culture and attracts attention of the whole planet. Live broadcasts of the princes’ weddings attract hundreds of millions TV watchers, and films (The Queen, 2005; A Royal Night Out, 2014) and TV series (The Crown, 2016) about Elizabeth II are always a success. The Audience by Peter Morgan is another proof of the Windsors’ popularity.

The role of the longest-reigning monarch in the history of England and Great Britain brought the actress Helen Mirren the Oscar for The Queen and Laurence Olivier Award for The Audience performance by Stephen Daldry. The Theater HD project invites you to watch it.

The history of British Prime Ministers’ weekly audiences with their monarch is explained in many ways by the enduring popularity of the royal family. The ceremonial doesn’t have any state significance, however, it is essential to maintaining British political style. The nation may be mistaken in choosing a prime minister, but it is the figure of the monarch who remains guarantor of preserving the very essence of British governing system. Lady Helen Mirren plays such a guarantor, a living person with her own manners and habits, but at the same time she personifies the thousand-year-old tradition that was interrupted only once. She is the woman who always remains true to herself, but changes with time and ready to adapt to the behavior and personality of each new prime minister.


The Theater Club in Silver Screen is a place where you can watch world’s best performances, hold discussions, get to know each other or simply come along to have an intellectual leisure time. The Theater Club will help you feel the world of theater, starting with understandable and simple things.

Three calls before the start, original programs and intermission will create a truly theatrical atmosphere, and after the performance people, along with invited guests from the theater sphere, can participate in discussions and are able to ask questions to the theater experts.

The participants in the new meeting will be film critic and the program director of MIFF Listapad Igor Sukhmanov and theater expert and the curator of Belarusian Drama Centre Anastasia Vasilevich.