Summer Festival starts at TheatreHD! Starting from July, the project TheatreHD will screen some premieres of the cult plays. You are also invited to watch the cinema and film stars like Danila Kozlovsky, Ian McKellen and Benedict Cumberbatch. You can review the The Golden Mask winners as well. Moreover, one of the cinemas is to prepare a nice present for theatre lovers! This is “The Taming of the Scoundrel” premiere at Silver Screen velcom cinema, which is the “Theatre club”’s opening act.

Summer Festival will start with a hyper-realistic story of the collapse of American dream, Arthur Miller’s piercing All My Sons. Captivating as a thriller with unexpected turns, the intense and soaring production makes everyone think if all is fine to do “for the sake of family”. Business, love and Oscar winner Sally Field surrounded by decorations of post-war America – at Centralny cinema on July 2.


Probably the best production of The Cherry Orchard в in history is back on screen at Falcon Club Boutique Cinema on July 3. Kseniya Rappoport, Elizaveta Boyarskaya and Danila Kozlovsky are starring in an extremely lively and ironic story, in which the balance between the comedy and tragedy is well-maintained. The fact that “The Cherry Orchard” got the prize for “Drama/Best Large-Scale Production” during The Golden Mask awards in 2015 is one of the main reasons to watch it.

Ian McKellen’s last “large-scale shakespearean role”, на, The Tragedy Of King Lear is out on July 7 at Silver Screen velcom cinema. The brilliant production of the cult tragedy stroke the final chord for McKellen’s career in theatre, and the role of an eccentric monarch became one of the most impressive and outstanding ones in the history of London theatre.


The last chance to see one of the most famous and controversial modern productions on big screen –  Hamlet: Cumberbatch. The legendary tragedy by W. Shakespeare appears in the way the viewers do not expect; a brilliant acting of Benedict Cumberbatch will leave no one indifferent. “Hamlet: Cumberbatch” is the most famous and controversial Hamlet of the present times. Even if you have seen it before, it is high time you watched it one more time: at Falcon Club Boutique Cinema on July 9 and at Silver Screen velcom cinema on July 28.

“I envy the Japanese,” this is what Vincent Van Gogh wrote to his brother Teo. On July 10 Theatre HD invites Minsk audience to take a fascinating journey from Japan to France and the Netherlands. On the screen of Falcon Club Boutique Cinema the film exhibition Van Goh And Japan will take place. The unique style history of one of the most famous post-impressionists in the 19th century will help to understand Van Gogh’s works and his incredible attraction to East better.


July 14 is going to be THE day full of heat: the capitals’ audience will have the opportunity to take a step back in the history of art and devote their evening to yet another strikingly spectacular art lecture  – Impressionists on the screen of Centralny cinema.

The premiere of a very unique and highly controversial interpretation of a cult production The Taming of The Shrew will open up a new project “Theatre Club” at Silver Screen velcom cinema on July 14. The director Justin Audibert turns the classic Shakespeare’s play head over heels by swapping men and women, thus allowing us to see modern society from a completely new perspective. You can watch the production once again on July 17 and July 24 at Silver screen velcom cinema and at Centralny cinema on July 30.


Giuseppe Verdi’s most famous Aida staged by The Metropolitan Opera will take place at Centralny. Sublime costumes, stunning decorations in the Egyptian style and the real human passions – don’t miss it on July,] 17. In contrast to the large-scale classical opera on the screen of Falcon Club Boutique Cinema is a chamber and very elegant production ofAudience with Helen Mirren in her most important role, Queen Elizabeth II. A piercing story allows you to look into the life of the most famous monarch family and shows you that now all the kings and queens are living people with their own habits.

July 21 will delight Minsk audience with the premiere of Matthew Bourne’s unique performance Swan lake. Stunning choreography, unusual rethinking of the classical story and the cult music of Tchaikovsky are combined into a tragic and incredibly spectacular ballet about human loneliness. The production which changed the idea of classical dance completely is on the screen of Centralny. On July 16 the show will take place in Grodno cinema “Red Star”.


What story never was a story of more woe? The most famous Shakespeare’s play about eternal love is in the tender lyrical opera Romeo And Juliet. Heartfelt love duets and a truly cosmic amount of passion in a sophisticated French adaptation of the cult story will take place at Falcon Club Boutique Cinema on July 24.

On July 28 the film exhibition Girl With a Pearl Earring will open up the veil of secrecy over one of the most mysterious masterpieces of the world art created by Jan Vermeer. Who is the mysterious girl on the canvas? Was Vermeer in love with his muse? How and why was the legendary picture painted? You can find the answers to these questions at Centralny cinema.

The final chord in the eventful July playbill will be a bright and touching documentary about the most famous ballet dancer – Nureyev: His Stage Is The Whole WorldA difficult start to career, an escape to the West and fame that goes beyond the boundaries of the ballet world. The amazing life story of Rudolf Nureyev appears on the screen of Centralny on July 31.


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