The new year in the TheatreHD project begins with an extravaganza: three legendary ballets from The Bolshoi Theatre of Russia, a live broadcast from The Metropolitan Opera, the brilliant Judi Dench and another chance to see Benedict Cumberbatch in a sensational play by William Shakespeare. On the screens of the Centralny cinemas, Falcon Club Cinema Boutique and VOKA CINEMA by Silver Screen there are fourteen of the world’s best performances. No one will remain indifferent.

 width=Photo from the production  “The Winter’s Tale”

January opens with a performance that fill up venues every time: “Hamlet: Cumberbatch” returns to the big screens. Hurry up to see one of the best actors of our time in the most controversial play of Shakespeare – you can make it on January 1 at Falcon Club Cinema Boutique and on January 22 at the VOKA CINEMA by Silver Screen.

“The Winter’s Tale” offers to imbue a truly Christmas atmosphere – this play is a touching story of love, jealousy and reconciliation in the scenery of Victorian England. The real miracle of the performance is its cast: starring the Oscar-winning Judi Dench and the inimitable Kenneth Branagh (they have nine BAFTA awards for two). The tender Shakespearean fairy tale will be shown on January 4 at the VOKA CINEMA by Silver Screen and repeated on January 14 at the Centralny cinema.

Repeated screenings of the December “Theatre club” will support the spirit of the outgoing holiday. On January 5 there is magic ballet of The Bolshoi Theatre of Russia – “The Nutcracker” by Yuri Grigorovich. Charming music, incredible costumes and an indescribable feeling of a real miracle – all it will be in VOKA Cinema by Silver Screen.

 width=Photo from the production “Present laughter”

Everything that could go wrong will go wrong in the play “Present laughter”. On the screen – the love polygons of the popular actor, Andrew Scott and a frantic struggle with himself and his fears. Discover the comedy talent of serial Moriarty on January 8 at Falcon club Cinema Boutique and on January 15 at VOKA CINEMA by Silver Screen.

On January 11, TheatreHD will leave you with a difficult choice between opera and drama. At the Centralny cinema there is the premiere – a live broadcast of the soulful opera “Wozzek” straight from The Metropolitan Opera. This shocking and frighteningly true story of the “little man” at war continues to touch hearts a hundred years after its appearance. In contrast to it there is a witty one-woman show “Fleabag”, which became a real discovery for the Minsk audience. Just one set, one actress, and a lot of comical sketches that make you look at our life from a different angle. Look for your place in the world on January 11 at the VOKA CINEMA by Silver Screen and on January 28 at the Centralny cinema.

On January 15, you can “touch” the delicate art of post-impressionism again. Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of controversial paintings by Paul Gauguin with the documentary “Gauguin”. You can learn about his life and work as an artist in the film of Patricia Wheatley on the screen of Falcon Club Cinema Boutique.

 width=Photo from the documentary film “The Curry House Kid”

In January, we will see the premiere of a film about one of the best modern choreographers and his ascent to the dance Olympus  – “The Curry House Kid”. A true parable about accepting yourself, your past, dream and passion for dancing. All this is on the screen of the Centralny cinema on January 19. On the same day, VOKA CINEMA by Silver Screen will show one of the best classical plays of Shakespeare – the hilarious comedy “Twelfth Night”, a real hit of The Globe Theatre. All the characters are males, and one of them is the great comedian Stephen Fry.

The bright and complicated story of the twins from the Chance family will be shown in the play “Wise Children”. The most complex performance, puppet inserts, theatrical intrigues and references to Shakespeare add up to an amazing witty farce, like a dream. Unravel the tangle of the most unusual London performance on January 21 at the Centralny cinema.

On January 22, a little magic will return to Minsk cinemas: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” will appear on the screens. Everything in this performance is amazing: fantastic scenery with flying beds, modern music, buffoonery and a strong cast. In the main roles (in two at once!) – Gwendoline Christie. Discover her talent from a new angle at “Falcon Club Cinema Boutique”.

 width=Photo from the ballet “Giselle”

Straight from the stage of The Bolshoi Theatre of Russia on the screen of  Centralny cinema: on January 26 will be a live broadcast of the legendary ballet “Giselle”. One of the most famous and beautiful ballet stories about love and the fragility of the human heart has survived for centuries and continues to excite the audience in the XXI century. On the same day, another exciting performance will appear in VOKA CINEMA by Silver Screen. “Elektra/Orestes” – two plays combined in one story. A chain of crimes and retributions in the entourage of Antiquity, as you did not know it – wild, terrible and cruel. Forget about “Game of Thrones” –  watch the frankly dark history of the Atreides family as part of the “Theater club” with Angelika Krashevskaya on January 26. Rerun will be on January 29.

The grand final in the January playbill of TheatreHD will be a bright, temperamental and surprisingly beautiful ballet “Corsaire”. The performance is large-scale, dynamic, imbued with exoticism, and what is most important – all betrayals and attempts on life are not fatal, and unrequited love is comical. If you are tired of suffering – watch “Corsaire”, the most fervent of the ballets of The Bolshoi Theatre of Russia, on January 29 at the Falcon Club Cinema Boutique.