The extravaganza of feelings will be demonstrated by TheatreHD in Belarus in February. The new month will bring premieres of operas from The Met and the return of hit performances to cinemas. Sparkling jokes, masterful choreography, grand journeys into the history of Egypt and the secrets of the greatest artists – TheatreHD shows will replace a trip to the theater, cinema and exhibition.

 width= «Akhnaten»

The Met “Akhnaten”, the most impressive opera of our time, offers a trip back three thousand years. The grandeur and gloom of Ancient Egypt, the legendary rulers – Akhnaten and Nefertiti – their children and parents, mysterious priests, and even the young Tutankhamun allow you to look at Egypt from the 21st century. “The coup scene is one of the strongest in opera… everything goes ostensibly in a slow-motion chronicle, but it gets through,” writes theater critic Denis Martinovich about “Akhnaten”. Get aesthetic pleasure on February 5 at the Falcon Club Cinema Boutique.

Phantasmagoria in the moonlight: this is how Nicholas Hytner’s  “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” returns to the Minsk screens. Theater stages turn into a magical forest, and Shakespeare’s play turns into a joyful carnival without beginning or end. Love confusion, flying beds and Gwendoline Christie (Game of Thrones) as Queen Titania – what else do you need to dive into the witty staging of the timeless classic? Don’t miss the chance to become a part of the Summer court on February 9 at VOKA CINEMA by Silver Screen.

What happens if you take two completely different people and make them solve a difficult problem? Bright comedy musical  “Kinky Boots”! The real story of the family shoe factory that started producing shoes for “drag-queen” turned into a luxury music show. Shiny tinsel, bright makeup, and the song “Everybody Say Yeah” are all extravagant wrappers for a story of struggle, loss, hopeless situations, and true friendship. The premiere is on February 11 at the Centralny cinema.

«A Woman of No Importance»

The world of salons, gossip, intrigue and blackmail is exposed in Vaudeville Theater comedy  “A Woman of No Importance”. Rampant flirting of varying degrees of severity, love triangles and caustic phrases – the production based on the play by Oscar Wilde looks in the same breath today. Director Dominic Gromgoole set a goal to embody the classic comedy as authentic as possible. See what happened on February 12 at the “Theater Wednesday” at the Falcon Club Cinema Boutique.

Andrew Scott and the midlife crisis:  “Present Laughter” is back on screen. Popular actor Harry Essendine is afraid of old age, loneliness and is up to his ears in his love polygons. And ahead of him is the African tour, where everything goes according to Murphy’s Law: what can go wrong will go wrong. Evaluate the comedy talent of the serial Moriarty on February 14 at VOKA CINEMA by Silver Screen.

This year’s first art lecture is dedicated to a true legend of the Italian Renaissance. Phil Grabsky’s documentary  “Leonardo. The Works” – the life of Leonardo Da Vinci through the prism of his art. “Mona Lisa”, “The Last Supper” and “Lady with an Ermine”: don’t miss an excursion into the history of painting that changed the world, February 16 at the Centralny cinema.

 width=«Swan Lake»

The most famous Hamlet of the XXI century continues to win the audience. The path of blood feud for the death of his father leads to a dead end, the Royal family is falling apart – not only the fate of the Kingdom, but also the Prince’s sanity will be threatened. One of the best incarnations of Shakespeare’s play – “Hamlet: Cumberbatch”  – will be shown on February 18 at the Centralny cinema.

The story of the broken life of a girl in love turns into the main romantic ballet of world heritage-bright, hard and charming “Akram Khan: Giselle”. A world-renowned choreographer moves all the action to an abandoned factory and creates a performance where the dance balances at the intersection of European and Eastern cultures. On February 19 at the Falcon Club Cinema Boutique there are passion, skillful choreography and love that is strong as death.

A real holiday for lovers of classical ballet will be a live broadcast of   “Swan Lake”. Fascinating classics in the absolute, the best “white” ballet of the Bolshoi Theater of Russia and the legendary music of Tchaikovsky – in a dramatic tale about a Prince and an enchanted girl. Loyalty, betrayal and the evil genius within each of us – on February 23 on the screen of  the Centralny cinema.

 width=«The Curry House Kid»

On February 25, viewers will see the premiere of the impossibly funny sitcom  “A flea in the ear”. Changebit Raymond suspects her husband of infidelity and arranges a trap for him by appointing an anonymous appointment at the hotel “Naughty cat”. But things don’t go according to plan – and the hotel becomes the scene for a grand farce. You can untangle the tangle of misunderstandings, illusions and suspicions in the Centralny cinema.

Parable, dance, journey: on February 26, the Falcon Club Cinema Boutique screen will show a documentary about one of the greatest choreographers of our time. “The Curry House Kid”  is the story of accepting yourself and your past, the story of the birth of a new dance. On the same day, the Krasnaya Zvezda cinema in Grodno will host a screening of Giacomo Puccini’s most famous Opera, the impressive and tragic “Turandot”. The sets, costumes, and arias are all made with a scale worthy of the great wall of China.

A busy February closes with another grand premiere straight from The Metropolitan Opera. “Agrippina” will be a discovery for lovers of court intrigues and love misunderstandings. This is by right one of the blackest operatic comedies: in history – imaginary death, deliberate deception, betrayal, forgiveness, coronation and wedding. What a person is willing to do for a high position, you can find out on February 29 at the Centralny cinema.