Stars of “Game of Thrones”, the main duo of “Sherlock” BBC and “Pirates of the Caribbean” of the Bolshoi theater of Russia – the playbill of  TheatreHD in November is bright and dynamic more than ever! In the last autumn month, the project will also host two live broadcasts and five premieres. Finally, not only to see, but also to discuss the theater on the big screen will be possible at the new meeting of the Theater club with Angelica Krashevskaya.

 width=“One man Two Guvnors”

November 6 is theatre Wednesday in the Falcon Club Boutique Cinema. The TheatreHD project will include a screening of Giacomo Puccini’s Opera  “Turandot”. The story of the most famous Chinese Princess will begin at 20:00. Another Puccini’s Opera will be staged at The Metropolitan Opera on November 9 at 20:55. The contrasting and emotional  “Madama Butterfly” will be shown live in the Centralny cinema. Although the performance of Anthony Minghella is on screens not for the first time, its bright graphics do not become boring and outdated, as well as the story of the deceived Japanese woman.

About the adventures of a simple-minded British guy who fell into the service of two gangsters of resort Britain of 60s, will be told on November 8. In VOKA CINEMA by Silver Screen – “the funniest show on the planet” according to the Daily Mail – “One Man Two Guvnors” by Nicholas Heitner. The performance will begin at 20:00.

And on November 10, TheatreHD continues to introduce Minsk residents to world figures of culture and art at the art lecture. No other sculptor has defined the face of Rome as Gian Lorenzo Bernini did. “Apollo and Daphne”, “The Rape of Proserpine”, “David”, a real “theater in stone” formed the basis of the documentary “Bernini”, which will be shown in the Centralny cinema at 17:00.

 width= “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” 

On Tuesday, November 12, on the big screen will be a fantastic world of floating fairies (and beds), fog and love chaos. The performance “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is worth watching also because Gwendoline Christie shines there – Brienne of Tarth from “Game of Thrones”. Hits by Dizzee Rascal, Beyonce and Florence and the Machine are accompanying the action. The show will be held in the Centralny cinema at 19:30. You can see the performance again at VOKA CINEMA by Silver Screen on November 15 at 19:45.

The perfect sense of proportion, passion for scenography and the idea of merging architecture with nature – it’s all about Andrea Palladio. You can feel the creativity of the architect, who influenced the entire subsequent European tradition, at the screening of the documentary film “Palladio” at Falcon club Boutique Cinema on November 13 at 20:00.

In the Centralny cinema on November 17 will be shown a crowded, noisy and bright  “Le Corsaire”, a ballet to the music of Léo Delibes, Cesare Pugni, Peter of Oldenburg, Riccardo Drigo, Albert Zabel and Julius Gerber staged by Yuri Burlak and Alexei Ratmansky. Often compared to “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Le Corsaire” will appeal to those who love white classics, and those who can’t  imagine their life without adventure. You can see one of the calling cards of the Bolshoi theatre of Russia at 18:00.

 width=“Globe: The Merry Wives of Windsor” 

On the same day, the “Theater club” will be held at VOKA CINEMA by Silver Screen. At 19:00, together with the theater experts and the head of the center “ART Corporation” Angelika Krashevskaya, we watch and discuss the one-woman show  “Fleabag” by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. The  cynical story of a witty and sexually anxious thirty-year-old woman who survives alone in modern London, has already developed into a two-season series that won 4 “Emmy” awards this year. The performance with Phoebe Waller-Bridge will also be shown on November 22 and 27.

In the Centralny cinema on November 19 at 19:00 will be shown the performance “Globe: The Merry Wives of Windsor” of Shakespeare theater. Amid the luxurious era of the 30s, there is not only a sitcom unfolding, but also a story about the friendship of two smart and strong women who regretfully realize that they live surrounded by “20 lustful turtles for one chaste person.” The frantic pace, humor and countless improvisations are seasoned with brilliantly choreographed dancing and live jazz by Frank Moon.

Intrigue, gossip, blackmail, cheating, femme fatale, a great variety of love relationships and unexpected dramatic denouement – this is all about “Lady Windermere´s Fan” by Kathy Burke in Falcon Club Boutique Cinema. All that could be the subject of a serious melodrama in the hands of Oscar Wilde turns into a firework of brilliant wit, raising salon chatter to the level of philosophical paradoxes. You can see the performance of the theater company Classic Spring on the stage of the Vaudeville theater on November 20 at 20:00.


On November 23 there is premiere in live broadcast. The Metropolitan Opera “Akhenaten” is a look at ancient Egypt from the twentieth century point of view. Given the 2017 Laurence Olivier Award, Phelim McDermott’s performance is able to surprise with the sophistication of the costumes and the overall quality of the picture. Repetition and flow, anxiety and magnificence, whirling and beauty coexist in it. The opera will begin in the Centralny cinema at 20:55.

In the Centralny cinema on November 24 will be shown a documentary film “Gauguin” about the life and work of the French artist. At 17:00 you will be immersed in the world of controversial paintings of  the master, and then transferred to London for an exclusive tour of the exhibition “Portraits of Gauguin” immediately after its opening in the National Gallery.

On November 26 at 19:30 on the big screen once again shines Oscar nominee Benedict Cumberbatch. Lindsey Turner’s performance  “Hamlet: Cumberbatch” will tell the story of a Danish Prince at the Centralny cinema.

 width=“Present laughter”

A unique tour of the exhibition at the National Gallery is waiting for you on November 27. Documentary film “Leonardo. The Works” collected on the screen all the paintings of the Italian artist in Ultra HD-resolution. Dedicated to all his life, Phil Grabski’s film will begin at the Falcon Club Boutique Cinema at 20:00.

The month will end with the star duo of Indira Varma and Andrew Scott at VOKA CINEMA by Silver Screen. On November 29 in Minsk there will be the premiere of the provocative “Present Laughter” by Noël Coward. You can watch this story, which is a must-see for all fans of subtle humor and British actors, at 20:30.