The new season in TheatreHD in Belarus! In October, the project will present 3 premieres – “Turandot” and “Manon” of The Metropolitan Opera and “Raymonda” of the Bolshoi Theatre of Russia. The “Theatre club at Silver Screen” will continue: for the first time, a ballet “Akram Khan: Giselle” will be shown at the screenings with discussion. The premieres will also be held as part of the “ArtInCinemas”: on the screens there are life and work of Gian Bernini and Antonio Canova.


On Wednesday, October 2, the “Falcon Club Cinema Boutique” will show Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini as you have not seen him before. No other sculptor has defined the face of Rome as he did. No other sculptor worked under nine Popes. Bernini became the creator of the Baroque style in sculpture and became famous for creative energy and the twists and turns of a stormy personal biography. “Apollo and Daphne”, “The Rape of Proserpine”, “David” and other masterpieces of Bernini from the Borghese collection formed the basis of the documentary film “Bernini”. The show starts at 20:00.

“In each of us there is a little fleabag that says and does unacceptable things,” says the creator of the one-woman show  “Fleabag”  by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. “Fleabag” is the story of a witty, sexually anxious, prone to self-destruction and kind-hearted thirty-year-old woman who survives alone in modern London. National Theatre Live performance will be shown for the first time at “Falcon Club Boutique Cinema” on October 9 at 20:00 and at “Centralny” cinema on October 22 at 19:30.

On October 12, TheatreHD invites you to the Opera in a live broadcast from The Metropolitan Opera. In the “Centralny” cinema at 19:55  “Turandot”  will begin –  a production about a cold and unapproachable princess. A magnificent spectacle presents a melodrama about love of Turandot with a scope worthy of the Great Wall of China. For Puccini’s unfinished opera, the composer Franco Alfano, with whom “Turandot” is performed on almost all world stages, and The Met will not be an exception.

 width=“RSC: Measure for Measure”

This sculptor delighted the whole world: Antonio Canova, the master of neo-classicism, managed to unite the Greek Antiquity and Modernity. In the documentary  “Canova”, director Francesco Invernizzi traces the path of the sculptor from his native town of Possagno to Venice and then to Rome, where he will meet Napoleon and Pope Pius VII. “ArtInCinemas” will continue on October 13 at 17:00 in “Centralny” cinema.

Every month, “Silver Screen” hosts “Theatre Club” where you can see and discuss performances from all over the world with theater experts. This month will not be an exception: on October 13  “Akram Khan: Giselle” will be in the project. Together with the head of the ART Corporation Center, Angelika Krashevskaya, we will see a ballet by a leading European choreographer. Bright, rigid, aggressive and at the same time easterly soft, exotic and hypnotic: Akram Khan set the classic story in a completely new way. Reruns will take place on October 20 and 23.

On October 15, “RSC: Measure for Measure” will be shown at the “Centralny” cinema. The performance of The Royal Shakespeare Theatre will take the audience to the 1900s in a distraught Vienna: the turn of centuries, the capital of the empire plunges into the abyss of debauchery, and the only way to curb the libertines is to tighten the laws. The story of the conflict between the imperious hypocrite and the young novice who dreams of taking the veil is told with a truly subtle psychologism. The performance starts at 19:30.

 width=“Wise children”

“Il Barbiere di Siviglia is one of Rossini’s most famous works and the most popular opera of The Metropolitan Opera. The performance was the debut on the stage of The Met by director Bartlet Sher, building a comedy without unnecessary comics. Rossini’s score is conducted by one of the best specialists in performing Bel Canto music – Maurizio Benini. You can see “Il Barbiere di Siviglia” at the “Falcon Club Cinema Boutique” on October 16 at 20:00.

On Wednesday, October 23 at 20:00 in the “Falcon Club Cineam Boutique” will be the premiere of the musical “Wise Children”. This is a complicated story of one family, filled with references to Shakespeare and jumps in time: as in a dream, everything is possible here. “Wise Children” is the British version of “One Hundred Years of Solitude”, an intellectual quest that hides a lot of urgent topics: feminism, class division and self-understanding.

The comic opera  “Manon”, which tells you about the mad mutual and unhappy love of Manon Lescaut and the Chevalier des Grieux, told by Jules Massenet, will be shown in a live broadcast in the “Centralny” cinema on October 26 at 19:55. “Manon” is, first and foremost, the story of a free woman”, director Laurent Pelly says. “A woman who is both in love and aspiring to Shine, naive, but at the same time skillfully manipulating others.”


On October 27, the premiere of Yuri Grigorovich’s ballet “Raymonda”, which is based on the chivalrous legend of love, will take place at TheatreHD. A passionate love triangle, a battle with swords, romantic dreams, a Saracen in love, temperamental exotic dances and classic white Adagio – all this is about a real ballet hit to the music of Alexander Glazunov, which will be shown in the “Centralny” cinema at 18:00.

George Frederick of Hanover is the most famous of the mad kings of Great Britain. In his old age, he fell into a severe form of dementia, became deaf, blind, and was unable to comprehend the fact that his wife had died. In the play  “The Madness of George III” all the facets of mental degradation are shown with wit. The panic that has been growing stronger in the Royal Court as the king’s condition becomes incorrigible is the dynamic background of the action. The performance with Mark Gattis will be shown in the”Centralny” cinema on October 29 at 19:30.

The performance about the brothers who built a Grand Empire Lehman Brothers, from the author of the films “American Beauty” and “Skyfall” Sam Mendes will be repeated on October 30. The play tells the story of the Lehman family, their business, and the collapse of their financial empire. “The Lehman Trilogy” will be shown at the “Falcon Club Cinema Boutique” at 20:00.

“I will not rest until I empty your heart.” “Frankenstein: Cumberbatch” is back on the “Silver Screen” on October 31 at 21:10. Director Danny Boyle masterfully alternates Cumberbatch and Lee Miller in the roles of the creature and the doctor. It is believed that Lee Miller – creation – is the most striking of the two, and Cumberbatch is more organic in the role of the doctor, but to agree or refute this statement, you need to see both of them in each of the roles.

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