In 2019, TheatreHD showed more than 180 productions in Minsk, Grodno, Gorodok, Vitebsk, and Gomel. Over 11 months, more than 7 thousand spectators visited the project. In December, you are invited to visit another 19 productions in Minsk, Grodno, and Vitebsk. From December 3rd to 29th, the premiere of a musical and political drama, a true comedy, and the immense power of architecture will take place on the big screens. The year ends with the most new year’s Yury Grigorovich’s ballet “the Nutcracker”.

 width= Photo from the production “42nd Street”

On December 3rd, on the big screen of the Centralny cinema will premiere the main musical about show business and the path to the dream – “42nd Street”. The Theatre Royal Drury Lane’s production is a splendid show featuring 48 actors, 432 costumes, and 2,000 lighting units. The story focuses on a young actress who must learn 6 songs, 10 dances, and 25 pages of dialogue in 36 hours to save the show’s New York premiere… The Daily Express calls the dream-achieving production “a dazzling spectacle”.

The performance of the Royal Shakespeare Theater “One Servant, Two Masters” will be shown in Minsk  on December 4th at the Falcon Club Cinema Boutique and on December 9th at the VOKA CINEMA by Silver Screen. The action of the classic comedy will be set in the 1963 resort Britain. There, provincial gangsters are instead of romantic Venetian nobles on the stage, cheerful confusion happens to ’60s dashing music. The production has five nominations for the Laurence Olivier Award and the Tony Award for the main male role.

Andrew Scott, the famous Moriarty, is back in the TheatreHD project. In December, you can see the production of the winner of the Evening Standard Theatre Awards 2019 in the play “Present Laughter”. The plot centers on the popular actor Garry Essendine. He is afraid of revealing his love triangles, aging, and loneliness. One day, while on tour in Africa, he will have to face all the troubles and fears at once. It will be released on December 8th at the VOKA CINEMA by Silver Screen and on December 24th at the Centralny.

Photo from the production “Twelfth Night”

Shakespeare’s play with the comedy star Stephen Fry – On December 10th at the Centralny cinema. The sensational “Twelfth Night” is a play that combines the traditions of the Globe Theater and the innovative approach of director Tim Carroll who chose men for the roles of all the characters. A unique performance by Mark Rylance in the role of Olivia – a mix of Kabuki theater, commedia dell’arte, and choreography of a whirling dervish, now and then exploding with affected hitches and ohs-ahs – was the benefit performance of “Twelfth Night”.

“Akram Khan’s Giselle”, the hit ballet staged by one of the most popular choreographers in Europe, will be shown on December 11th at the Vitebsk Mir cinema. Akram Khan presents a completely different “Giselle”: he selects not only other librettos and music by Adolphe Adam. Together with Vincenzo Lamagna, he creates a score “where loud, rhythmic, and social things play a big role”. Therefore, a completely new story awaits the spectator, where the only thing that remains unchanged is love.

Funny, hot, romantic, and fancy mix of rock festival, dark series, sitcom, and even Chinese circus – all this you can see in “Midsummer Night’s Dream”  at the VOKA CINEMA by Silver Screen. Director Nicholas Hytner modifies Shakespeare’s play, creates a fantastic world of floating in the air fairies, heady mists, and love confusion in the moonlight. The production, for which according to the Observer “five stars is not enough”, can be viewed on December 15th.

Photo from the production “Hansard”

On December 17th, the Royal National Theatre offers to meet the politician Robin Heskit whose ideal family is going through a difficult time. His wife Diana has a permanent hangover, a fox is rampaging in the garden, and carefully hidden skeletons suddenly fall out of the closets. You can see how ironic family quarrels are more like a bloody fight in the production of  “Hansard” at the Centralny cinema.

Theatre Wednesday at the Falcon Club Cinema Boutique: on December 18th, the cinema invites you to see the opera “Madame Butterfly” by Anthony Minghella. The Metropolitan Opera’s production is not outdated, nor is the story of the abandoned Japanese woman. Scarlet fabrics, black stripes, contrasts of emotions: the director builds the space of the inevitable tragedy of love and the conflict of East and West.

“Hamlet”  is the unquestionable hit of the TheatreHD project. The royal family is falling apart: the king is killed, his perfidious brother has ascended to the throne. Prince Hamlet, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, has to avenge his father’s death. But the situation at court threatens the security of the country and the prince’s sanity. The play will be released on December 18th at the VOKA CINEMA by Silver Screen.

Photo from the production «The nutcracker»

In December, the art lecture centre will tell you about the father of American architecture, the Venetian sculptor Antonio Canova, and the life story of Leonardo da Vinci. “Leonardo: the Works”  will be shown on December 8th at the Centralny cinema, “Canova”on December 11th at the Falcon Club Cinema Boutique. The lecture centre will end the month with “Palladio” on December 22nd at the Centralny.

On the Minsk screen you can see charming ballet of Yury Grigorovich from the historical stage of the Bolshoi Theatre of Russia. On December 25th, at the Falcon Club Cinema Boutique and on December 29th at the Centralny in the most festive ballet based on Hoffmann, magic will come into its own, possible only on Christmas night. Girls in fancy dresses, boys with swords, Drosselmeyer’s toys – a Christmas tree grows to the exciting music, turning adult spectators into children waiting for a miracle.

On December 22nd “The Nutcracker” will be an occasion to sum up the results of the theater year in the “Theater Club” project at the Silver Screen with Angelika Krashevskaya. Additional screening will be held on December 28th. You can see fairy tale celebration in Grodno “Red Star” on December 18th.