The Summer Festival in TheatreHD ends with 14 occasions to meet at the cinema. The September affiche contains the best performances at the intersection of classics and modernity and the most famous names. From September 1 to September 29, the audience will see the premiere of “The Lehman Trilogy”, the meeting of the Theater Club in Silver Screen, “The Golden Mask: The Cherry Orchard” by Lev Dodin, Akram Khan’s ballets “Giselle” and Matthew Bourne’s “Swan Lake” and films-exhibitions about the greatest artists of the twentieth century.

The September affiche opens with Akram Khan’s Giselle, the best performance of 2019 according to Russian critics. One of Europe’s most sought-after choreographers staged classical ballet in a completely new way: he changed the plot and the music of Adolf Adan. In the performance of incredible passions, only the story of eternal love has not changed. The runs will take place at the Centralny cinema on September 1 and at the Falcon Club Cinema Boutique on September 11.

On September 3 at TheatreHD there will be the premiere of The Lehman Trilogy.  The stage production about three brothers who built the grand Lehman Brothers empire was created by Sam Mendes, the author of the films American Beauty and Skyfall. The Mendes’ performance tells the story of the Lehman family, their business and the collapse of their financial empire. The performance, five times nominated for the Olivier Award in 2019, will be shown at Centralny cinema.


The most famous Hamlet of our time is Benedict Cumberbatch. In the stage production of the Barbican Theater, Hamlet is not just a doubting intellectual, but an unhappy person who has embarked on the path of violence and is reaping all its fruits: madness, the decline of his world, death. You can see the stage production of Hamlet: Cumberbatch on September 4 at the Falcon Club Cinema Boutique and September 29 at the Centralny. Another stage production with Benedict Cumberbatch – Frankenstein: Lee Miller – on the screen of Centralny on September 10. Director Danny Boyle expertly alternates between Cumberbatch and Lee Miller on the roles of creature and doctor. There is an opinion that Lee Miller is the most striking of the two, and Cumberbatch is more organic in the role of a doctor, but in order to agree or refute this statement, one must see both of them in each role.

Pablo Picasso worked rampant until his death. His works delight and fascinate. Malaga, Barcelona, ​​Paris – an art lecture will guide the viewer through the cities that have influenced the genius. On September 8 at the Centralny cinema you will see Young Picasso. In the director’s lens of the director Phil Grabsky we will see the “blue period” and the “pink period” – until 1907, when Picasso creates Avignon maidens.

Theater Club in Silver Screen invites you to the third meeting! On September 15, together with the club’s moderator, Angelika Krashevskaya, the audience will be able to watch and discuss the premiere of RSC: Measure For Measure. The performance of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre takes the audience in the 1900s to the distraught Vienna, the capital of disintegrating Austria-Hungary, where lust and cruelty reigns. The story of the conflict between a powerful hypocrite and a young novice, dreaming of vows, is told with a truly subtle psychologism, honestly and consistently. Reruns will be held on September 22 and 25.


The Barber Of Seville is one of the most famous operas in the world, its fiery melodies and intense action tirelessly attract the attention of the public. Written in one breath – in less than three weeks – the opera is easy to listen to, besots the audience with a number of melodies, not giving time to comprehend the heap of intrigue and ingenious plans. You can watch The Barber of Seville on the stage of The Metropolitan Opera directed by Bartlett Sher on September 18 at the Centralny cinema.

On September 18 Falcon Club Cinema Boutique invites you to evaluate the performance of Franco Zeffirelli at The Metropolitan Opera. The opera La Bohème is a real celebration of love with a simple and universal plot that everyone understands. This opera about youth is for everyone who listens to it. There are no intrigues and complex associations – only Paris, quiet sadness, tenderness, youth and the inability to hold onto love.

On September 18, a run of the Golden Mask at the Cinema will be held in Grodno. On the screen of the Red Star cinema – The Cherry Orchard by Lev Dodin with Ksenia Rappoport, Elizaveta Boyarskaya and Danila Kozlovsky. Critics say that this is one of the best interpretations of Chekhov’s famous play – the director works with the text easily and naturally, as if effortlessly, balancing on the verge of comedy and tragedy.

On September 21, at Centralny Matthew Bourne: Swan Lake will be shown – a ballet that changed the world view of classical dance. The parable of loneliness, narrated by the director, accompanied by the music of Tchaikovsky, in July brought together a full house. The ultramodern and fresh performance of Matthew Bourne reveals the deep meanings extracted by the director from a simple fairy tale.


On September 22 the art lecture in the cinema will continue. Renoir – Unknown Artist will be screened at the Centralny cinema. The movie by Phil Grabsky tells the unknown part of the biography of the great artist, explores his later works, which inspired Matisse and Picasso.

On September 24, at the Centralny cinema you can see Doctor Faustus. В We all strive for what we cannot get – such an eternal story. What for are you able to sell your soul? Marlowe’s protagonist of the tragedy also wonders, therefore, makes a deal with the Devil. Now he can fulfill any desires, but, as you know, one have to pay for everything.

On September 25, a real hurricane will rage on the screen, a ship will swing on the waves, Jamaica’s paradise will melt under the sun, the wind of the Yorkshire wilderness will blow… At The Falcon Club Cinema Boutique will be shown  the performance Small Island, about the hard life of immigrants from Jamaica who ended up in post-war London. But war, emigration and racism are by no means the main themes of the novel and staging: the viewer is called to follow the extraordinary heroines who live in not the easiest time of the middle of the twentieth century and stubbornly strive for their dream.