What is the best age to play the wild fellow Mercutio? Why investigate the murder of a neighbor’s dog and argue with the long-dead Dostoevsky? How to win seven nominations for the famous Laurence Olivier Award? The TheatreHD project invites you to find answers to these questions on hot July evenings in cool movie theaters.

A radical rethinking of the classics from director Jamie Lloyd and the virtuoso performance of James McAvoy in the heroic comedy of the Harold Pinter Theatre – watch “Cyrano de Bergerac” at the cinema “Tsentralnyi” on 6 July.

  Shot from the performance “Cyrano de Bergerac”

The next day we watch “The Lehman Trilogy” at the Falcon Club Cinema Boutique. The performance, dedicated to the rise and fall of the financial giant Lehman Brothers, is in fact a saga covering almost the entire American history of the last two centuries. On the same evening, in the cozy VOKA CINEMA by Silver Screen, you can see the star duet of Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart in the West End production – “No Man’s Land”.

On July 14, VOKA CINEMA by Silver Screen will show the performance “The Tempest” based on Shakespeare’s most fantastic play. Explosive humor, theatrical wonders, the Bard’s majestic poetry, and all this – performed by one of the most powerful cast of Shakespeare’s “Globe”. That evening, at the Falcon Club Cinema Boutique, we watch Chekhov’s sad comedy “Uncle Vanya”, staged by Harold Pinter’s theatre, with the master of reincarnations Toby Jones in the role of Ivan Petrovich Voynitsky.

A conceptual black-and-white recording of “Romeo and Juliet” in the West End production by Kenneth Branagh will be screened on July 18 at the cinema “Tsentralnyi”. For the role of tragic lovers, Branagh called the stars of his “Cinderella”: Richard Madden and Lily James. The director’s most surprising decision is to invite the veteran of the British stage Sir Derek Jacoby to play Mercutio. Sir Derek is one of the few masters gifted with the ability to speak Shakespeare’s lines with the naturalness of everyday speech, and in this production he certainly outshines everyone. Re-screenings will take place on July 21 at Falcon Club Cinema Boutique and on July 28 at VOKA CINEMA by Silver Screen.

Shot from the performance “Romeo and Juliet”

On July 21, the VOKA CINEMA by Silver Screen will feature Ivo van Hove’s sensational performance about forbidden love, staged at the Young Vic Theater. An all-star cast led by Mark Strong shines in a bold production of Arthur Miller’s play – “View from the Bridge”.

On July 25 Falcon Club Cinema Boutique will show Sondheim’s most poignant musical – “Follies”, staged at the Royal National Theater. The performance was nominated for ten Laurence Olivier Awards and won two of them. The characters in the musical meet at a Broadway theater slated for demolition to remember their younger years. The starring role is played by the star of Sondheim’s musicals, the sparkling Imelda Staunton.

July 27 on the screens of the cinema “Tsentralnyi” “The Demons of Dostoevsky”. The performance of the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya by the shocking director Konstantin Bogomolov is not a version of the novel “Demons”, but rather the director’s experience of reading Dostoevsky’s prose and the result of a polemic dialogue with the author. The text of the classic becomes for Bogomolov the basis for creating his own directorial drama. “Demons” is both a detective story and a melodrama”, – says Konstantin Bogomolov. “Demons” are the realities of Russian social life, which remain unchanged from century to century”.

The final July production is a detective adventure of the most unusual hero, told in modern theatrical language. On July 28, at the Falcon Club Cinema Boutique, we are watching “The Mysterious Night Murder of a Dog” – perhaps the most perfect example of theatrical insight into the inner world of a person with an autism spectrum disorder. The protagonist of the performance is a fifteen-year-old teenager Christopher, who undertakes to investigate the strange murder of a neighbor’s dog, which was stabbed by an unknown villain with a pitchfork. A rerun of the seven-prize Laurence Olivier and Tony Award-winning performance can be seen on 31 July at VOKA CINEMA by Silver Screen.

Shot from the performance “The Mysterious Night Murder of a Dog”

Screenings within the framework of the TheaterHD project are organized by ART Corporation. We advise you to take precautions and make your movie visit not only enjoyable but also safe: please wear masks and use other protective means.

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