december, 2020

24.12Premiere of the performance "13 first basketball rules formulated by James Naismith"Category:TOKtheatreGenre:DramaEvent Tags:Александр Марченко,Анна Семеняко,Артём Курень,Дмитрий Богославский,Максим Шишко

Event Details

Life is cruel, and its games are cruel too. Two married couples, four old friends, get together to celebrate the 35th anniversary of one of them. But instead of gifts, an unpleasant truth reveals in front of the birthday person, which is better not to know at all.

“13 first basketball rules formulated by James Naismith” based on the play by Dmitriy Bogoslavskiy is a story about human interaction, weird competition, the aim of which is to hurt as much as you can.

Producer:Alexander Marchenko
Duration:1 hour 30 minutes
Cast:Artem Kuren, Maria Petrovich, Anna Semenyako, Maksim Shishko
Age limit:18+
Playwright:Dmitriy Bogoslavskiy
Set designer:Andrey Zhigur