november, 2018

21.11Anti[gone]Category:TOKtheatreGenre:PerformanceEvent Tags:Александр Марченко,Дарья Новик


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The performance balances on the brink of an ancient tragedy and a modern documentary drama. What can be in common between the classical work of Sophocles and the real stories of famous residents of Minsk? The instability of modern life dictates new rules, makes us redefine and doubt, bring down heroes and expose myths, but man like two thousand years ago still remains alone with the world, alone with his pain, passion, resentment.

The idea of ​​the performance arose at the seminar Values, Responsibility, Future, based on the technology of the Aspen-Seminar – a cultural and social project aimed at consolidating leaders from different spheres as well as at communication and cultural dialogue. The participants of the seminar have become the characters of the performance. Real people tell their personal stories. Will they become protagonists or Antigone will still remain the main character?

This is a story balancing between theatre and life, between monumentality of a tragedy and fragility of an inner world of man.


Мемориальный музей-мастерская З.И. Азгура (ул. Азгура, 8);
Documentary performance based on the play Antigone by Sophocles
Producer:Alexander Marchenko
Country:Minsk, Belarus
Language:Русский, белорусский
Duration:1 hour 20 minutes (no intermission)
Cast:Performers: Daria Novik, Roman Kostitsyn, Kristina Marchuk, Andrei Alexandrov, Ivan Vedenin, Marina Shtrakhova, Vladimir Shablinsky, Marina Kalinina, Ales Krot, Andrei Egorov, Tatyana Vodolazhskaya
Genre:Documentary performance
Age limit:16+
Translated by:Julian Draisin
Set Design:Andrei Zhigur
Composer:Daria Novik
Recording and Mixing Sound:Ksenia Korolchuk
Lighting Designer:Eldar Bekirov
Titles:Ekaterina Chekatovskaya