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University of Television and Film Munich (HFF Munich)

SAUDADE 30 min, 16+. Director Denize Galiao

An old Brazilian legend says that „Saudade“ was created by the African gods so that the enslaved people don’t forget their beloved ones and where they come from. Triggered by the disease of her father the Afro-Brazilian directress Denize Galiao explores her deepest feelings for her home and her roots which she does not want to lose after 20 years of living in Germany. The word “saudade”, which cannot be translated into any other language, expresses a feeling of deep longing. This word plays a big role in Portuguese language and is the perfect way to tell the story of migration and the disappearance of the Denize’s home.

2019 IDFA (The Netherlands) – Student Competition, Best Student Documentary 2020 Verzió Human Rights IFF (Hungary) – Student & Debut Film Competition Millenium IDFF (Belgium) – Shorts International Competition

Academy of Dramatic Art (Croatia)

FACELESS 14 min, 16+. Director David Lušičić

This short documentary follows the process of monument installation of the first Croatian president, dr. Franjo Tudjman, in Zagreb. It is an aesthetic observation of the wrapped sculpture as an overlay that reveals a new surface. By exposing it to different weather conditions it brings out the changes in sonic, visual and tactile experiences. The film combines video footage of the monument taken just few days before its unveiling, when it was still wrapped in a thick layer of nylon, and takes us through a wide range of dynamic actions performed around the statue, from construction preparations to the protests of masses of people.

2020 Sarajevo IFF (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – World Premiere Liburnia FF (Croatia) – National Premiere – Best Regional Film ZagrebDox IDFF (Croatia)

Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava (Slovakia)

YOU CAN WALK DOWN FROM THERE 20 min, 16+. Director Kateřina Hroníková

Slow observation of decay: a retirement home, their feet soaking in the water and a broken clockwork. Scars are cracks on ice, veining resembles branches of a tree. Fluid states of biological material in time’s passing: sclerous skin and an urgency to talk to someone; tell them about the trip to the moon.

2020 FEST New Directors New Films Festival (Portugal) – NEXXT Student Competition International Film Schools Festival in Montevideo (Uruguay) – International Competition

LOOKING FOR AN ELEPHANT FOOTPRINT 12 min, 12+. Director Katarína Jonisová

What does it mean to be an observer? Karol and Thomas, travellers from the old world, explore urban wilderness meeting various remarkable phenomena.

2019 IFF «Film Night at the Castle» (Slovakia) – Premiere

к/т Silver Screen Galileo (ТЦ Галилео, ул. Бобруйская, 6);
Language:In the original language
Subtitle language:Russian
Duration:78 min
Age limit:12+, 16+