january, 2021

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University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest (Hungary)

Downstream, 12+, 36 min. Director Máté Bartha

Somewhere in the barren countryside, a young girl is trying to accomplish the impossible. Vivien, taken away from her alcoholic mother as a child, spent most of her life drifting from one adoptive family to another, finding her only solace in a militaristic youth community. Now, as she turns 18, she decides to stand on her own two feet, to change her life for the better. She dreams of a decent job, a loving partner, and the reuniting with her mother. But as a distant, online suitor shows up, Vivien realizes that she cannot have it all. She is strong and ready to make decisions. But is it really possible to change the fate one had inherited?

2019 Verzió Human Rights IFF (Hungary) – Best Student Film

Wajda School (Poland)

Under the sky, 12+, 13 min. Director Marta Skiba

An old man in a twilight of his life longs for his greatest passion – flying. He does not remember people or events from the past anymore, but his feelings remain the same when he looks up at the sky. The former ace, now all that he has left are memories.

2019 Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival (Czech Republic) – East Silver Market 2019 Krakow Film Festival 2019 (Poland) – KFF Market

ZeLIG School for Documentary, Television and New Media (Italy)

No kids for me thank you, 16+, 36 min. Director Linda Nyman

Childfree, not childless. That is how Linda, a young filmmaker, sees herself and her future. For her it has been clear since her early teens that she won’t become a mother, but it is first now that she “comes out from the closet”, travels back to Finland and explains this to her friends and family. But why is it still such a taboo, especially for a woman, to not dream of a family with kids?

2019 Modena Via Emilia Doc Fest (Italy) – UCCA Award

к/т Silver Screen Galileo (ТЦ Галилео, ул. Бобруйская, 6);
Language:In the original language
Subtitle language:Russian
Duration:85 min
Age limit:12+, 16+