january, 2021

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Scuola Holden (Italy)

Men are hungry too, 16+, 20 min. Directors Francesco Lorusso, Gabriele Licchelli, Andrea Settembrini

Between the 60s and the 70s hunger forced around 150.000 people to leave the South-East of Italy. In 1973 Nardo gave up his dream of becoming a filmmaker and opened the Bar 2000, which is still in the center of Gagliano. One of the regulars at the bar is Mimmi. He left very young and worked in the Gotthard Tunnel. The experience in the tunnel left him with the tragic memory of the death of a friend. MEN ARE HUNGRY TOO is an intimate tale of the daily lives of longtime friends Nardo and Mimmi. It takes place on a summer day when present and past are interwoven through experience and memory.

2019 IDFA (The Netherlands) – Student Documentary Competition

Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF (Germany)

A piece of forest, 25 min. Director Hannes Schilling

In 50km east of Berlin there was once a secret labor camp of the Nazis, of which there are no traces left today. A witness of the time, three ground and monument conservators and two war gravediggers are asked to search for traces on the site. The confrontation with diary entries of former prisoners reveals the problem of the fading culture of remembrance.

2019 DOK Leipzig IFF (Germany) – International Program 2020 Achtung Berlin FF (Germany) – New Berlin Film Award

Night upon kepler 452b, 14 min. Director Ben Voit

Cold times, people are looking for a place to sleep. A van races through the night, to bring out of the dark, what could get lost in there. The film tries to grasp the perception of people who are constantly on the run, who can’t remember the last time they’ve slept in a real bed. The things we witness are turning into inner landscapes. Fragments of conversations become collective thoughts and somewhere in the distance, Kepler 452b is orbiting a sun that is warmer than ours.

2019 DOK Leipzig IFF (Germany) – German Competition Short Kasseler Dokfest (Germany) – A38-Production Grant Kassel-Halle Winner 2020 Clermont-Ferrand ISFF (France) – International Competition

The void inside, 18 min. Director Julian Dieterich

After getting caught in a fight, Vahid needs to sell one of his kidneys to avoid a prison sentence of many years. While waiting for the liberating call from a buyer, a wish for a better life starts to grow within him.

к/т Silver Screen Galileo (ТЦ Галилео, ул. Бобруйская, 6);
Language:In the original language
Subtitle language:Russian
Duration:77 min
Age limit:16+