december, 2020

30.12Liebfraumilch/My mother’s milkCategory:TOKtheatreGenre:PerformanceEvent Tags:Palina,Анастасия Василевич,Евгения Давиденко


Event Details

Youth is a period that provokes nostalgia. Everything happens for the first time – a complete loneliness, failure to grasp pain, death, love. Parties, job changes, attempts to build relationships – these are all parts of forced growing up. Everyone at least once felt lost and tried to figure out when something went wrong. The heroine returns to her parents’ house to collect memories and rebuild her life. Post-Soviet reality and provincial life remind of themselves, but still a house is a house. Perhaps you should stop denying your family and accept yourself completely?

The young team created a millennial-zoomer show about the search for identity. This performance is dedicated to Minsk, rave, village and growing up. Palina (formerly known as Palina Respublika) participates in the performance, whose “grustnye pesni” (“sad songs”) will become a guide to the world of youth.

Producer:Evgeniya Davidenko
Duration:1 hour 20 minutes
Cast:Polina Poloneychik, Maria Belkovich, Maksim Shishko
Age limit:18+
Playwright:Anastasiya Vasilevich
Composer:Polina Poloneychik