february, 2020

17.02SOURCES OF LIGHTCategory:TOKtheatre,TOKtheatreGenre:Performance,DramaEvent Tags:Александр Марченко,Андрей Иванов,Анна Семеняко


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The world has split into three parts. In the Lower World, in Darkness and Stink, there lives Barmaglot — the One Who Will Break Everything. In the Middle World, the Headless King hands out candies, and Queen Mary gives names. And at the very top, the Red King is waiting in the wings. Barmaglot is waiting too, then he will break and eat everything…

In a big city, a high-rise shopping mall brings together “unnecessary” people: a homeless who sleeps on a heating pipe main, a prostitute who is about to stop the hustle, a disabled person after a head injury, and a security guard who is a latent gay. Being out of line, they seek their own light and become a light for someone else.

Sources of Light is the second production by Alexander Marchenko based on the play by Andrey Ivanov, and the fifth in TOKtheatre. In 2018, the first one, Suchilischa, was included in the list of the best performances according to critics.

Andrey Ivanov, Director of the play, was nominated for the Russian National Theater Award Golden Mask-2018 in the category Best Playwright (Suchilischa). Sources of Light directed by Alexander Marchenko is the first performance based on the play of the same name by Andrey Ivanov.

Drama with elements of a vogue ball
Producer:Alexander Marchenko
Duration:2 hours without intermission
Cast:Anna Semenyako, Andrey Novik, Igor Shugaleev, Maxim Shishko
Genre:drama with elements of a vogue ball
Age limit:18+
Playwright:Andrey Ivanov
Choreographer:Verushka Bonchinche
Set Designer:Andrey Zhigur