March, 2021

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On March 2, 1942, 5,000 Jews from the Minsk ghetto were killed in the ravine of the Lower City, which later became known as “Yama” (Hole), in Minsk. In 1947, a memorial to the victims of the Holocaust was established in “Yama” (Hole).

The project MEMORIA NOMINIS CLARA by Ksenia Shtalenkova and Roman Enotov is dedicated to “Yama” and connects artistic drama with exhibition area. 

MEMORIA NOMINIS CLARA is a story about the cyclical nature of memory and love in the context of the Holocaust tragedy and the place of Belarusians in this tragedy. On March 2, on the day of the memory of the Minsk ghetto, the authors will make an online screening of the sketch, which premiered on October 2, 2020 as part of the opening of the X edition of the International Theatre Forum “TEART”. The sketch was developed within the scope of the laboratory “Ready-Made World”, organized by Visual and Performing Arts Centre “ART Corporation”, the curators of the laboratory are Elena Malchevskaya and Alexander Marchenko.

Time of action: March 1941, March 1942 and our days, which are intertwined with the memories and dreams of the characters.

All characters are fictional, and any coincidence with people who actually live or have lived is accidental.

The beginning of the online show: March 2, 19:00 Minsk time.

The online show will be available for the next 48 hours.

Read more about the sketch here.


“Why do Belarusians need a special place in Minsk? This is a Belarusian city"
Producer:Ksenia Shtalenkova
Cast:Ksenia Shtalenkova, Roman Enotov
Age limit:16+
Artist:Roman Enotov
Video filming and editing of the online version: Oleg Pimenov and Yan Verenchuk