february, 2019

06.02Love theorem. Memento moriCategory:TOKtheatreGenre:ReadingEvent Tags:Александр Марченко,Дарья Новик,Максим Шишко


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The question of immortality has been bothering middle ages alchemists and sorcerers, who were seeking for the philosopher’s stone formula. Modern fiction writers are dreaming about transferring the human mind into the virtual reality. But we know for sure that those who leave the great masterpieces behind themselves achieve immortality.

 The life is finite, and people should remember about it. The proverb “memento mori” is a reminder about how little we have on earth. History shows that one becomes immortal through one’s works of art.

Director Alexander Marchenko’s “Love theorem. Memento mori” shows around the Paris cemetery alleys of “Père Lachaise” – one of the greatest open-air museums of gravestone sculptures. The most outstanding musicians, poets, literary scholars and artists will come to life in their works in the T.O.K. project (T.E.C. – Theater. Education. Cinema) on February 6 at 19:00 in   the cultural hub Ok16.

Культурный хаб Ок16 (Октябрьская, 16;
Producer:Alexander Marchenko
Language:русский, белорусский, французский
Duration:60 minutes
Cast:Darya Novik, Maria Petrovich, Maksim Shishko
Genre:theatre, 16+
Age limit:16+
Video:Igor Vepshkovsky
Sound producer:Ksenia Korolchuk
Video Technician:Ekaterina Chekatovskaya