Top-notch feature films and documentaries will be broadcasted at the European Film Festival in Minsk from the 20th to the 31st of January. The screens of the Pioneer and Tsentralny cinemas, Falcon Club Cinema Boutique, and Silver Screen at the Galileo Mall are to show films, which were conquering festival platforms all over the world throughout the year, amazed and puzzled the audience, became subjects of disputes and admiration. The program is also packed with a whole selection of family movies and documentaries from the leading European film schools. The films are presented by film experts Irina Demyanova, Igor Soukmanov, Maria Kostyukovich, and children’s writers Evgenia Pasternak and Andrey Zhvalevsky. Q&A sessions with the directors will take place after some film screenings.

The European Film Festival is represented by 41 motion pictures from Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Italy, Scandinavia, Baltic countries, South-Eastern and Eastern Europe. All of them are participants of prestigious world film festivals, and will help to better understand contemporary European culture, as well as to excite independent film lovers. While the whole world lives under the conditions of lockdowns and closed borders, the images possessing the enchantment of life and the voices of artists have to get over barriers and unite the world. Their important messages and ideas will open audiences’ eyes to the reality we live in.

Good news for the lovers of the German culture: the program includes a lot of motion pictures from Germany, and “Rival” by Markus Lenz will be the opening film of the festival. This motion picture, that combines social drama and thriller, tells about an unpredictable and sudden love triangle. An elderly German and a 9-year-old Ukrainian boy rival for a woman’s love and mother’s tenderness. The film premiered at the International Film Festival in Busan. Splendid camera work is supplemented by excellent acting work and keeps up the suspense till the end.

 The feature film program consists of social dramas, love adventures, fantasies, and stories based on true events. They will broaden our world perception and will help to understand ourselves. The Tsentralny Cinema and The Falcon Club Cinema Boutique will 

show the feature films. Important and quivering films for the whole family, which will help to get to know each other better, will be screened at The Pioneer Cinema.

The documentary program contains topical issues and reflections on the timeless topics, geniuses and provocateurs, wise old men and daring adolescents, Kubrick, Tarkovsky, and our contemporaries. The selection of documentaries is represented by such rarities as documentary comedies and even animated documentaries, as well as the best films by the students of film schools in Germany, Italy, Croatia, Slovakia. The Tsentralny Cinema and Silver Screen at the Galileo Mall will show these films.

The organizer of the European Film Festival is the Visual and Performing Arts Centre “ART Corporation” with the support of European Film Promotion.

We recommend the audience members to observe the epidemiological safety measures and to make the visit to the cinema not only pleasant, but safe as well: use masks and other means of precaution when visiting the cinema. Social distancing is also ensured at the cinema halls.

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