The European Film Festival continues: until the end of this week, fiction and documentary films previously presented at the world’s leading film festivals will be shown on the screens of cinemas in Minsk. The collection of intellectual films is vividly represented by films shot in Germany. This is great news for lovers of German culture, as five films of different genres can still be seen until January 31st.

The festival will present fresh documentary films made by students from leading European film schools. Among them are films by young directors from the Babelsberg Film University named after Konrad Wolf, as well as film schools in Slovakia, Croatia and Italy. Several short motion films at once in one screening will allow you to experience a variety of emotions in just an hour and a half, as well as see the debuts of young directors who have not yet come up with rules for themselves on the big screen, shoot films boldly and freshly. The films will be presented by the student film program curator Maria Kostyukovich.

On January 29, the Silver Screen at the Galileo shopping centre will show three German films from the Babelsberg Film University named after Konrad Wolf. “A piece of forest” by Hannes Schilling tells the story of the search for a secret Nazi labor camp. A witness of the time, three ground and monument conservators and two war gravediggers are asked to search for traces on the site. The confrontation with diary entries of former prisoners reveals the problem of the fading culture of remembrance. The next film will be “Night upon kepler 452b” by Ben Voit. Stories of homeless people who can’t even remember the last time they’ve slept in a real bed become collective thoughts. Somewhere in the distance, Kepler 452b is orbiting a sun that is warmer than ours. Also on this day the film “The void inside” will be shown (director Julian Dieterich) – the story of a Syrian refugee who moved to Germany. The director very closely and in detail shows his hero, who is in the country illegally and is forced to go to extreme measures to avoid imprisonment.

On January 28, at the Silver Screen in the Galileo shopping centre, you can watch the animated film “Fritzi”. The main character Fritzi lives in Leipzig near the border dividing Germany into two hostile states. Her only friend Sophie leaves for the summer and asks Fritzi to look after the dog Sputnik. Later it becomes clear: the friend’s family left the GDR. The events leading up to the collapse of the Berlin Wall are shown through the eyes of a twelve-year-old girl, so the atmosphere of the picture is full of light and hope. One more time this animated film can be seen on January 31st at the Falcon Club Cinema Boutique.

In her documentary family saga “WALCHENSEE FOREVER”, director Janna Ji Wonders embarks on a voyage of discovery spanning four generations of women over a century. In order to uncover the secrets and her role in the generation chain, she leads us from the family café at the Bavarian Lake Walchensee via Mexico to San Francisco during the “Summer of Love”, Indian ashrams, a German commune and back again to Lake Walchensee. Questions about identity, roots and self-fulfilment as asked through this search for life, love and death. A personal story about the eternal cycle of life can be seen on January, 31 in the cinema “Tsentralnyi”.

The organizer of the European film festival is Visual and Performing Arts Centre “ART Corporation” with the support of European Film Promotion.

We advise you to observe safety measures and make the visit to the cinema not only pleasant, but also safe: use masks and other protective means. The social distance will be respected between the spectators.

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