For the first time in the framework of the Belarusian program, a presentation of the “Theatre of social research” projects will be held. The ECLAB Social Theater Lab, HUNCHtheatre, and Kryly Khalopa are projects that are not afraid to touch on sensitive topics and ask important questions. An audio-visual installation, a documentary performance, and a performance exploring power and wish are three presentations that will be shown on September 21 and 22 at TEART.

Valentina Moroz’s laboratoria of the ECLAB Social Theater Lab, Vladimir Shcherban’s HUNCHtheatre, and Oksana Gaiko’s Kryly Khalopa are new and unique theatre projects for Belarus. Their curators consider theatre as a social statement and a mechanism for society changes.

The presentation of projects starts on September 21. At 12:00 at the cultural hub “Ok16”, the ECLAB Social Theater Lab will present the production Close People?. Мы по We constantly hear the phrases: “every third Belarusian woman lives in a situation of physical, psychological or economic violence”, “every year a third part of all serious crimes in Belarus are murders committed in the family”. What is hidden behind these figures? What can every woman and man do?

<p style=The ECLAB Social Theater Lab has been active since 2017. Together with director Valentina Moroz, the team works on staging documentary performances, conducting stage readings of their own plays and plays by contemporary authors on topics and issues relevant to Belarusian society.

On September 21 at 18:00 the second presentation will take place: HUNCHtheatre invites you to the performance Left Dissidents. Director Vladimir Shcherban turned to a modern Belarusian play by Alena Shpak and Andrey Dichenko. By giving our power to another person in exchange for security and comfort, we become objects, lose the ability to create, and this void is filled by those to whom we have transferred this ability. Does this happen voluntarily? How can you remain yourself by embedding yourself in the system, and how can you change the system without embedding yourself in it?

Левые диссиденты. Фото: Тима ТимашковаLeft Dissidents. Photo by Tima Timashkova

HUNCHtheatre is an international theatre company founded by Belarusian director Vladimir Shcherban and British actor and playwright Oliver Bennett. “We strive to follow our intuition to create a theatre without any barriers, whether cultural, linguistic, political or bureaucratic. We want to find a new kind of audience and a new relationship between artists and the public. We are looking for like-minded talents around the world to create a new international movement,” the organizers say.

At the end of the showing of the “Theatre of social research”, a presentation and audio-visual installation of the theatre Kryly Khalopa will be held on September 22 at 14:00. Director and actress Oksana Gaiko will offer Minsk residents a walk in a non-tourist Brest.

The topic of the Brest Stories Guide is anti-semitism and the destruction of the Brest Jewish community in 1941-1942. Before the war was started, about 24,000 Jews lived in Brest. Almost all of these people were killed. The performance is a kind of investigation with hearing of witnesses in the case of anti-semitism and the Holocaust. The words of the witnesses are performed by the best actors of the Brest theatres, and the streets and courtyards become a stage where voices from the past sound.

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