Are you tired from pessimistic forecasts by ecologists? In 2040 the director, scriptwriter and actor Damon Gameau goes on a really incredible trip in the future world. He tries to understand, how our planet will look like, if we start implementing the best of already available solutions now. A documentary about our future from the director of That Sugar Film will be on screen from February 20 to March 4.

2040: Будущее ждёт

Did you ever ask yourself what our life on the planet would look like in 20 years? Imagine if we used the best inventions and technologies, and solved the existing problems. Everything depends only on us. Just have a look at this new world.

Not everyone knows what life on Earth will look like in 20 years. Damon Gameau knows, he knows and can tell about it. He has written a letter to his 4-year-old daughter: “… I show her the alternative future instead of a dark apocalyptic picture we have become accustomed. It is not an attempt to mislead and not a parental deceit – all I show her in 2040 should exist today in some form.”

2040 premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in 2019. The film also took part in the Seattle International Film Festival. A picture by Damon Gameau is both a documentary, where the author speaks with famous scientists, and at the same time a feature film with bright special effects.

“Gameau can run into grouchy cynics, but his noble motives and optimism are hard to overlook,” mentions the Hollywood Reporter. “The director makes everything possible in order to speak about serious problems in an amusing and plain language,” the Sydney Morning Herald underlines. “Gameau inspires people; he doesn’t yank them around or suppress them. When you leave a cinema, you want to see more pictures like that,” the Guardian writes.

You have a possibility to look to the happy future at Falcon Club Cinema Boutique.