Roy Andersson, one of the most titled and original directors of modern times, has filmed About Endlessness. His new picture is an ironic ode and a touching elegy dedicated to human complexes. The film took part in a dozen international film festivals and was awarded the Silver Lion in Venice. Until April 15, About Endlessness will be screened in Centralny cinema, VOKA CINEMA by Silver Screen, and until April 24 – at Falcon Club Cinema Boutique.

About Endlessness

A woman and a man hover over the city like Mark Chagall’s lovers or angels from Wings of Desire. We follow the voice of the storyteller, who, like the fabulous Shaherazade, spins urban stories. We watch street scenes. We look into closed windows and open doors. We penetrate into other people’s dreams and souls. We follow a series of events that embody the ordinary life of fragile mankind, represented throughout its splendor, banality, cruelty and beauty.

Swede Roy Andersson is one of the most titled film directors in the world. His A Swedish Love Story (1970) received four Berlinale awards and a nomination for Golden Bear, Songs from the Second Floor (2000) were honored with a Jury Prize and got a Palme d’Or nomination in Cannes. The final part of the trilogy about the essence of life – A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence (2014) – was awarded the Golden Lion.

About Endlessness

The world premiere of Andersson’s new film About Endlessness took place at the Venice Film Festival. The picture received the Silver Lion for Best Directing. In 2019, the European Film Academy also awarded the picture with a prize for Best Visual Effects. About Endlessness took part in 12 international film festivals. Last autumn, a picture was shown in Belarus at the International Film Festival “Listapad” in the section “Lions, Bears, Golden Palms”.

In About Endlessness, Roy Andersson leaves the viewer many cultural references, from a pair hovering in the sky, resembling Chagall’s painting “Above the City”, to quotations from Chekhov’s “Uncle Vanya”.

The Guardian writes that “About Endlessness is devilishly witty, however the heart of this picture is filled with sadness and tenderness, imbued with themes of alienation and separation.” David Ehrlich from IndieWire emphasizes: “About Endlessness” resembles our life: short and infinite at the same time.” “This is the director’s most touching and airy film,” film critic Anton Dolin summarizes.

The film will be shown within the framework of the “Listapad. Collection” project.