To name the son after the dictator is a bold idea or a gross social violation? The film, created by German director Sönke Wortmann, with impressive speeches and irony about our views on other people’s lives is not just an evening that got out of hand. Comedy of manners “How about Adolf?” in the finest traditions of European cinema will be shown only in Falcon Club Boutique Cinema from December 19 to January 2.

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Stefan and Elisabeth, a married couple of university snobs, organize a family dinner. The evening goes on as usual, until Thomas shares with his family the news: his girlfriend will soon give birth to a boy, who has already been given a name. And that name is… Adolf. The news sends a company of intellectuals into shock. A scandal breaks out, which leads to unimaginable consequences.

“How about Adolf?” is a remake of the French-Belgian comedy “What’s in a Name” (2012). The premiere of the film by comedy writer Sönke Wortmann took place at the Zurich Film Festival (Switzerland). The sensitive comedy, which broke national box office records, has already been praised at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, as well as at the Austrian distribution.

Sönke Wortmann is one of the most successful comedy writers in Germany. The director made his debut with the comedy “Alone Among Women” and immediately won the sympathy of German and foreign film lovers. His work “Little sharks” won the national award and the award for best feature film at the Montreal International Film Festival. However, he became known thanks to the historical drama “Pope Joan”. The film won several German Academy awards, including best supporting actress (Jördis Triebel).

Comedy of manners requires a competent combination of characters, so the creators treated casting with special seriousness. “It is important for me that the ensemble was harmonious externally and from the point of view of the game”, – said the director.

The main roles were played by German actors Florian David Fitz (“Men in the City”, “100 Things”), Christoph Maria Herbst (“Friends Forever”, “Animals United”) and Justus von Dohnányi (“A Coffee in Berlin”), as well as rising stars Caroline Peters and Janina Uhse.

Film distribution takes place within the framework of the project “Listapad. Collection”.