Cruise, Kidman, Kubrick: as part of the project “Listapad. The Collection” the erotic thriller “Eyes Wide Shut” will be re-released. The new version of the masterpiece by Stanley Kubrick will be shown in honor of the movie’s 20th anniversary. The movie will also feature the short film “Never Just a Dream: Stanley Kubrick and Eyes Wide Shut.” You can watch it from December 19th to January 2nd at the Falcon Club Boutique Kino. The first day the movie comes out, a special screening will take place within the “Hall 4” project, where Igor Sukhmanov, program director of “Listapad”, Minsk International Film Festival, will present the iconic film.

С широко закрытыми глазами

The Harfords, Bill and Alice, are a young and successful married couple. Bill is a doctor, and Alice is raising their daughter. After a luxurious Christmas party at one of Bill’s patients’, where both flirt with strangers, Alice confesses to Bill her secret sexual fantasies and last year’s urge to leave him. Tormented by jealousy, Bill sets up for a mystical night trip full of temptations, culminating in an orgy at a country mansion. The borders between reality and a dream are gradually blurring, forbidden desires erupt, and Bill plunges into a whirlpool of dangerous temptations…

“Eyes Wide Shut” is the last finished movie by the legendary film director Stanley Kubrick that also gained the largest box office in his career. Arthur Schnitzler’s story “A Dream Novel” inspired him to create the movie. Kubrick worked on it for several years, and the filming process lasted for the record 46 weeks. Kubrick filmed countless takes and rewrote the script on the go.

“Eyes Wide Shut” premiered after the death of Kubrick, who died of a heart attack four days after he handed over the final draft of the studio tape. However, there was a long-time debate on whether the film was released the way intended by Kubrick or not. The movie received worldwide recognition, and film critics proclaimed it the last masterpiece of the 20th century. The film that features Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman won the Venice Film Festival award, and was nominated for the César and Golden Globe award.

The new film version is preceded by an 8-minute documentary film “Never Just a Dream: Stanley Kubrick and Eyes Wide Shut.” For several decades, Stanley Kubrick had dreamed of shooting Eyes Wide Shut and, four days after completing the work, he passed away. In a short movie, Kubrick’s loved ones talk about creating the motion picture and recall the last chapter of Kubrick’s career.