Bold questions and sincere love confessions, boisterous shooting and a touching madness to Bon Iver’s music – all this in a new Kirill Mikhanovsky’s film “Give Me Liberty”. Lyrical comedy about two lovers, a petty adventurer and a dozen of charming marginals with a touch of absurdity is out on August, 1 within the Listapad.Collections project. You can watch the film at Pioner up until August, 7 and at Falcon Club Boutique CInema up until August, 14.


This film is a story about the three generation of Russian migrants, petty adventurers and charming marginals that appear in the same bus on the way to a loud funeral repast.

“It doesn’t matter if my characters need to go to the cemetery or Eisenhower Center, in the end they are always round the same table celebrating and taking their lives as they are. Because no matter how miserable or pompous it sounds, it is all about giving honor to people on camera. People who do their best to live a decent life.” Kirill Mikhanovsky, film director, tells about the film.

The world premiere of “Give Me Liberty” took place at the Sundance film festival. The film was also presented during Directors’ Fortnight programme at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival.


“Give Me Liberty” is Mikhanovsky’s third film in his career. His debut film “Fish Dreams” was presented during Directors’ Fortnight programme and received Prix Regard Jeune (“a prize to a young talent”). In 2014 Kirill Mikhanovsky, together with Aleksandr Vartanov shot “Dubrovsky”. Danila Kozlovsky got the main role. The film was nominated for a Russian people’s choice internet film award Жорж (eng. appr. “George”) in 2015.

The main roles are taken by Maksim Stoyanov and Darya Ekamasova. Maksim Stoyanov got famous for the roles in the films “Надежда” (eng. appr. “Hope”, 2014) and “Loveless” (2017). Darya Ekamasova is known for starring in Andrei Smirnov’s film “Once Upon a Time There Lived a Simple Woman”. She got the “Белый слон” (eng. appr. “White Elephant”) and “Ника” (eng. appr. “Nika”) awards for her role in the film.

Hollywood Reporter called this motion picture a “very satisfying film about real people living real lives, full of messy complications and sorrows yet illuminated by small pleasures, surprising connections and unexpected acts of kindness”. New York Times writes “”Give Me Liberty” is a jolt of a movie, at once kinetic and controlled. It’s an anarchic deadpan comedy that evolves into a romance just around the time the story explodes.”

The film’s screening takes place within the Listapad. Collections project.