Vlada Senkova’s “II”, an unprecedentedly honest Belarusian film, is soon to be released. The big premiere will take place in Moscow on December 11th, with the film crew attending the event. You can watch the film in 5 Minsk cinemas, as well as in Homel’s cinema “Mir”, starting from December 12th. Tickets will be on sale soon.

Фото: Евгения Налецкая Photo by Evgenia Naletskaya

Nastia, Sasha and Khristina, 16 year-old teenagers, study together in the 10th grade. They live their lives typical of teens – lessons, tutors, films, parties. The school keeps its harsh discipline and it’s hard to be different from others. But one day, this small world is shook by the news which will reveal all the fears and prejudices.

Actors Alina Yukhnevich, Aleksei Vainilovich and Ilaria Shashko took the leading roles in the film.

“We wrote this story with the screenwriter Sasha Lesko who played the role of an English teacher. This film is our reflection on what is happening now in schools. We’ve been thinking for a long time that we need to make a movie about the school society and young people who live similar lives. The UNESCO IITE proposal was our chance to speak about it,” says Vlada Senkova about the film.

The world premiere of the youth drama took place at the Warsaw International Film Festival, where the film was honored with a special mention by the jury for “a cinematic voice from a country poorly represented on the world stage, shocking us with its bold, courageous and fresh storytelling that addresses harsh reality of social isolation.” In Belarus, the premiere took place during the 26th Minsk International Film Festival “Listapad” in the out-of-competition section called “Special Shows” and became one of the most touching and sought-after films of the festival.

In Minsk you can see the film at the VOKA Cinema by Silver Screen and in Silver Screen Galileo starting from December 12th to December 18th, as well as at the Falcon Club Boutique Kino, the Pioner and the Raketa cinemas starting  from December 12th to December 25th.


The film “II” was created by the Center “ART Corporation” in collaboration with UNESCO IITE. You can look for publications connected with the film using the hashtag #ТолькоПапеНеГовори, as well as on the official pages of «II» (on the ART Corporation website and on social networks @iifilm2019).