Twenty desperate Texans keep their hand on the back of a pickup truck to get it for free – the thriller “One of these days” is based on a true story. The star of the series “Black Mirror” and “Peaky Blinders”, Joe Cole, starred in the exciting new film by Bastian Günther. On June 3, the first film screening in Belarus will take place at the MOOON cinema in Grodno. The film will be presented by the film expert Igor Sukmanov. Before screening  the director of the film will greet the audience online. “One of these days” will be distributed from June 3 to June 16.

The Texas auto dealer decides to raffle an off-highway truck  among the twenty selected ones. A harmless show with live music and free drinks turns into a serious test for its participants. Among the participants is the young father of the family, Kyle, striving with all his might to strengthen his position in life. He must hold out to the end, despite the fatigue and intrigues of his rivals …

Bastian Günther has lived in Texas for a long time, so the traits and characters of his heroes are very convincing. Nevertheless, the story of the famous Texas amusement turns into a cautionary tale with a shocking outcome. Instead of tormenting the viewer in anticipation of the name of the winner, the director tries to find an answer to the question: why would anyone participate in such a competition and what does this say about American society in general? As one of the characters says: “Even if you win this truck, you will still be that idiot who had to stand by the truck because you could not afford to buy it”. The director manipulates the audience, makes them doubt the sequence of events, as if we were exhausted from the Texas heat and humidity. The story of the protagonist Kyle unfolds closer to the final, in which Günther declares his view of the American Dream and the background of this humiliating and even dangerous leisure.

Film screenings in Belarus are organized by Visual and Performing Arts Centre “ART Corporation”. The film distribution is supported by the German Films Foundation.

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