The anniversary of the master of mystical thrillers David Lynch can be celebrated in the cinema! The iconic “Mulholland Dr.” is being released – you can appreciate the new remastered version of the film at the cinema “Tsentralnyi” and “Falcon Club Cinema Boutique” from 28 January to 10 February. The possibility to see the picture in English with Russian subtitles will allow you to enjoy the psychedelic thriller to the fullest. Show schedule available under the link.

David Lynch firmly established himself among the names of the classics of American cinema of the XX century and just as confidently continued to shoot iconic films in the 2000s. The unique author’s style, balancing on the edge of a mass thriller and art film, filled with numerous symbols and implications, makes the figure of Lynch one of the most discussed in the film industry. “Mulholland Dr.” is David Lynch’s second last feature film that tells a love story in a city of dreams. Delicately playing with the expectations of both his heroes and the audience, Lynch portrays Hollywood with its romantic illusions, broken dreams and absurd cruelty. There is a reason why the film is compared to a dream: it drags in a patchwork of elusive images, resists logical comprehension, but does not become meaningless for a second. Attempts to unravel the never-ending mysteries of “Mulholland Dr.” have been going on for 20 years, and its hypnotic effect has not diminished.

In the centre of the plot of the psychedelic thriller is a mysterious brunette suffering from memory loss after a car accident. Wandering around Los Angeles, she secretly enters an empty apartment – there she is discovered by the niece of the landlord, an aspiring actress Betty, who has just arrived in Hollywood to become a movie star. The brunette takes a name in honour of Rita Hayworth, and Betty takes to the heart her troubles and decides to help. In Rita’s bag, the girls find an impressive amount of money and a blue key to an unknown lock. Together they set off on a journey through the mystical city of dreams to unravel the mystery of Rita’s identity. The director has always refused to give an explanation of what is happening in the film, leaving the interpretation of meanings at the mercy of viewers, critics and members of the film crew.

The picture was a real breakthrough for Naomi Watts and Laura Harring. The ambient and memorable soundtrack was created by Lynch’s constant co-author, the genius Angelo Badalamenti. All this makes “Mulholland Dr.” one of the best films in the 21st century and in the entire history of cinema. The only screening of the film in Minsk took place on September 6, 2002 at the cinema “Oktyabr” within the framework of the unique project “Festival of one film”. There was an incredible excitement: in order to see the picture on the big screen, spectators  came to the capital from different cities.

A new restored copy of the film was created under the supervision of David Lynch himself and cameraman Peter Deming in 2017. During the restoration process, all film defects were eliminated and a high level of detail and image depth was achieved. Particular attention was also paid to colour correction to achieve more intensity and best show the unique lighting used in the film. Seeing this work on the big screen is a big event for any movie goer.

The film distribution in Minsk is arranged by Visual and Performing Arts Centre “ART Corporation”.

We advise you to observe safety measures and make the visit to the cinema not only pleasant, but also safe: use masks and other protective means. The social distance will be respected between the spectators.

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