This is the essence of the most important issues in the life of mankind: it is necessary to return to them from time to time, rethinking what has happened, is taking place right now and will happen. This is exactly what the films are doing, which distribution starts in the Belarusian box office today.

“Bangla” is a colorful comedy about cultural differences, the clash of values ​​between the West and the East, and the generation gap. This story is told by non-professional actors in Roman vernacular. Phaim Bhuiyan was the director, screenwriter and title actor – it was his personal story that formed the basis of the film’s plot. In the best traditions of classic Italian comedy, he did not change the name of the hero to a fictional one and created on the screen a 22-year-old himself, an Italian of Bengali origin, who works as a caretaker in a museum and plays in a musical group. At one of the concerts, he gets acquainted with his complete opposite: reckless and frank Asia. And now their love, passion and ardor collide with the inviolable rule of Islam: no sex before marriage.

The screenings of the winner of the Italian Golden Globe in the Best Debut category and the main Italian Nastro d’argento award in the Best Comedy of the Year category will be held from 10.12 to 23.12 in the Raketa and Falcon Club Cinema Boutique cinemas.

To celebrate the anniversary of Robert Zemeckis’ legendary time travel film and timeless classic, “Back to the Future” returns in the latest 4K remastering. All screenings will be in English with Russian subtitles in 2K and 4K formats.

The first part of the trilogy, released 35 years ago, marked the beginning of a whole sci-fi epic about the adventures of schoolboy Marty McFly and eccentric inventor Doc Brown, cutting through time in a futuristic DeLorean car. The film is full of nostalgia and dauntless optimism, and behind the updated vivid picture and fascinating plot, there is still a poignant story about the relationship between fathers and children, whose ideals, hopes and fears in different eras turn out to be surprisingly similar. You can return to the future from 10.12 to 23.12 in the cinemas “Raketa” and “Tsentralnyi”.


Included in the programs of the Cannes Film Festival 2020, the San Sebastian and Zurich film festivals, the drama “ADN” directed by Maïwenn is not devoid of humor, even when it touches upon the supporting structures in the human body: issues of life, death and national identity.

In the center of the film is the story of Nege (played by Maiwenn herself), a beauty with makeup and relatives, like Amy Winehouse. She learned to playfully get along with a hot-tempered mother, a selfish sister and an eternally ironic ex-boyfriend, but she was completely lost after the death of her beloved grandfather. Having lived a bright life that began in Algeria and ended in Paris, he left his granddaughter not only a lively character, but also issues of identity that are relevant to modern French society. Nege decides to do a DNA test, but makes an important choice without waiting for the results. You can think deeply together with the heroine from 10.12 to 16.12 at the cinema “Pioner” and from 10.12 to 23.12 at Falcon Club Cinema Boutique.

The film distribution in Minsk is organized by Visual and Performing Arts Centre “ART Corporation”.

We advise you to take precautions and make your movie visit not only enjoyable but also safe: please wear masks and use other protective means.

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