On September 26, the Belarus Open showcase culminated in the International Theatre Forum “TEART”. “ART Corporation” productions were also shown as a part of the program. For those who did not have enough of the new Belarusian theatre, there are productions within the project “TOK” in October. On the site OK 16 you can see Guards at the Taj by Alexander Yanushkevich, Song of Songs by Yura Divakov, and Suchilischa by Alexander Marchenko.

 width=Guards at the Taj. Photograph: Igor Chishchenya

On October 13 and 14, Guards at the Taj will be staged. Two best friends stand guard over the brilliant construction of world architecture, but do not even dare look at it. Cruel rules violate the usual course of their service: Babur and Humayun are forced to become participants of the night of Forty Thousand Hands. Will the heroes remain the same after all they got through? The production of Alexander Yanushkevich begins at 7 p.m.

 width=The Song of Songs. Photograph: Igor Chishchenya

“Song of Songs” by Yura Divakov is about romantic, wild, divine love. In a production based on the famous tale of Solomon, the director dissects love and explores corporeality as a source of beauty and pleasure. The performance, called by Belarusian critics “irreconcilable harmony of male and female, styles, behaviors, eras”, will take place on October 21 at 7 p.m.

 width=S uchilischa. Photograph: Alexandra Pilipovich-Suschits

The month in “TOK” will end in with the production “S uchilischa” by Alexander Marchenko. A scandalous production about a wild student Tanya shows what happens when an ordinary girl from vocational school encounters silver-spoon-in-the-mouth types. Bets are made, video broadcast is on. Who will actually be the victim in the drama based on the play by Andrei Ivanov? Find out at 7 p.m. on October 30.

Performances of the project “TOK” are staged under the sponsorship of Belarusian Republican Unitary Insurance Company “Belgosstrakh”.

To purchase tickets, call +375444904899 or buy online on the websites artcorporation.by, smsbilet.by, bezkassira.by, as well as on websites and at the box office bycard.by, kupalauski.by, kassy.by.