The festival is cancelled, but the cinema is alive. From 10 to 13 November, the Falcon Club Cinema Boutique will show films from the programme of the 27th Minsk International Film Festival “Listapad”. Despite the fact that the screening of films in the festival format will not take place this year, some films will be presented as part of the film distribution in 2020-2021 so that viewers can appreciate the festival programme.

We remind all film lovers that it is possible to study the “Listapad” programme as a movie guide all year round, and not only during the festival week. In the coming days, it will be possible to see two films from the Main Feature Film Competition, three from the Out-of-Competition Feature Films Programme, as well as one documentary work from the Out-of-Competition programme of the festival.

Tuesday, 10 November

“The Father”: 19:00 (UK, France, 2019, 97 min.)

2020 – The San Sebastián International Film Festival (Spain) – Audience Choice Award

Anthony is not a young man. He lives alone in London, and this situation worries his daughter very much. She does not want to leave her father without attendance and tries to find him a nurse. Anthony dismisses all the proposed options. However, planning to move to Paris, the daughter doesn’t want to give up. She becomes more and more insistent in her attempts to find the perfect woman for the stubborn daddy …

“Druk”: 21:15 (Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, 2020, 116 min.)

2020 – The Cannes Festival (France) – official selection

2020 – The San Sebastián International Film Festival (Spain) – “Silver shell for best actor” (Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Bo Larsen,  Magnus Millang, Lars Ranthe)

There is a theory that we should be born with a little alcohol in our blood and that moderate intoxication opens our minds to the world around us, relieving our problems and increasing our creativity. Encouraged by this theory, Martin and three of his friends, all exhausted schoolteachers, test a theory that they will improve their lives by maintaining a constant level of alcohol in their blood. If Churchill managed to win World War II, while having a drop in his eyes, who knows how a couple of drops will affect four friends and their students?

Wednesday, 11 November

“Van Gogh in Love“: 19:00 (France, 2020, 94 min.)

“True love instils disgust towards art”. For Leo Mazzotti, whose career as an artist is a disaster, this phrase by Van Gogh is an excellent reason to break up with Eliza, who is in love with him. 10 years later, in the glow of world fame, he returns to France with his millionaire wife Beatrice, the owner of a fashionable New York gallery. On the eve of the opening of his solo exhibition, he meets his former lover and … Van Gogh. The legendary artist leaves an unknown self-portrait to marry Eliza, raise children and never paint again …

Thursday, 12 November

“Amants“: 19:00  (France, 2020, 102 min.)

2020 – Venice International Film Festival (Italy) – film-participant of the competition programme

Lisa and Simon are young, beautiful and immensely happy, but fatal circumstances destroy the paradise. Simon becomes a criminal against his will. He is forced to flee, breaking the connection with his beloved. After three years of vain expectations, Lisa is getting married. Together with her husband, she goes to an exotic island in the Indian Ocean, where, as it turned out, her former lover is hiding …

“Lux Æterna”: 21:00 (France, 2019, 51 min.)

2019 – The Cannes Festival (France) – the world premiere within the scope of out-of-competition section “Midnight Screenings”

Two actresses, Béatrice Dalle and Charlotte Gainsbourg, are on a film set telling stories about witches – but that’s not all. ‘Lux Æterna’ is also an essay on cinema, the love of film, and on-set hysterics. A year after the Cannes premiere of “Climax”, the director returns with an extravagant film produced by the fashion house Saint Laurent, in which Noé’s favorite actresses – Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beatrice Dahl – talk about the witchcraft of acting and the demons of cinema.

Friday, 13 November

“The Painter and the Thief”: 19:00 (Norway, 2020, 102 min.)

2020 – Sundance Film Festival (USA) – Special Jury Prize for creative storytelling 

London International Film Festival (UK)

Zurich International Film Festival (Switzerland) – Documentary films competition programme 

International festival of documentary films “Docville” (Belgium) – international programme

The Czech artist is desperately looking for an answer to the question: why two of her paintings were stolen. She manages to find the criminal who stole the paintings, and becomes friends with him. The girl invites the thief to pose for a portrait. And an inextricable bond forever binds two lonely souls.

The project “Listapad. Collection” is organized by Visual and Performing Arts Centre “ART Corporation”. 

We advise you to observe safety measures and make the visit to the cinema not only pleasant, but also safe: use masks and other protective means. 

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