In the “Listapad. Collections” the film with complicated plot, rich in extravagant beauty of the 60s comes out – Mothers’ Instinct. The new film by Olivier Masset-Depasse is an adaptation of the novel “Derriére la Haine” by the Belgian writer Barbara Abel. You can find out who is really evil in Masset-Depasse’s thriller from July 25 to August 7 in the Raketa cinema and Falcon Club Cinema Boutique.


Alice and Céline are best friends. Their families spend most of their time together, and their sons grow up like brothers. Everything collapses when one of the boys dies. Friendship is replaced by accusations, and harmony is replaced by constant suspicion. Céline’s behavior becomes more and more strange, and it is impossible to predict how this stylish and breathtaking thriller will end.

“After reading the last page of “Derriére la Haine”, I realized that I must make a film based on this book. This story has everything that I was looking for my next project: an extremely humanistic plot that is suitable for genre cinema, a human tragedy presented as a frightening psychological thriller,” Olivier Masset-Depasse says about the idea of creating a film.


Mothers’ Instinct was first shown at the Toronto International Film Festival last November. The film also took part in the Film Fest Gent and the Chicago International Film Festival. Masset-Depasse’s previous film, the drama “Illégal”, was also presented at the Göteborg Film Festival, the Palm Springs International Film Festival and the Warsaw Film Festival. In 2011, “Illégal” was awarded a nomination for the national film award of France “Cesar” (“Best Foreign Film”).

The main roles in the Mothers’ Instinct of Masset-Depasse were played by Anne Coesens, known from the film Ma Vie En Rose, and Veerle Baetens, winner of the European Film Awards for the film The Broken Circle Breakdown (“Best Actress”). “As a Belgian film Director, I am very proud to have worked with two of the best actresses in my country: Veerle Baetens and Anne Coesens. They are completely dedicated to working on the roles, and I am delighted with the result. I don’t think I would have found someone better,” the Director notes the work of actresses.

The American magazine Variety calls the picture luxurious, emphasizing the accuracy with which the elegant style of the era and the atmosphere of the best works of the great master of Alfred Hitchcock’s suspense are recreated. “Masset-Depasse deftly handles a plot which flirts openly with ripe melodrama, but keeps the audience guessing about which household the madness and paranoia lurks within,” Screen International writes.