A breakthrough Ukrainian film My Thoughts Are Silent will be shown in “Listapad. Collection”. A debut work by Antonio Lukich is a fresh and ingenious comedy, based on a true story. The picture received Special Mention from the “Youth on the March” Competition Jury at the 26th IFF “Listapad”. You can see My Thoughts Are Silent from February 27 to March 4 in the cinemas Pioneer, Silver Screen Galileo, VOKA Cinema by Silver Screen, and to March 11 at Falcon Club Cinema Boutique.

Мои мысли тихие

25-year-old Vadim makes a living by recording and selling all kinds of different sounds. Nevertheless, he’d rather exchange his life in Kiev for a better future in distant and beautiful Canada. Thus, when he gets a generous job offer, which might help him realize his dream, he jumps at the chance. Soon Vadim sets off to the Carpathians to record the sounds of rare birds and animals. However, the situation becomes more complicated when Vadim’s companion on the trip turns out to be his mother…

My Thoughts Are Silent is a full-length debut film by Antonio Lukich. His graduation short film It Was Showering In Manchester was awarded Best Short Film Prize at the Odessa IFF in 2016.

“Our story takes place at the intersection of different genres. The chill of drama and the warmth of comedy meet at the beginning of the troposphere. We speak with audience in the common language of drama and comedy. Our voice is born in the buffer zone between sad and funny “air masses”. Our music goes as a counterweight to it. The atmosphere of the film provokes conflict. The action leads to a pause. Spring adds colours. The road creates rhythm. The temperature is 16-18 °C. There is a possibility of partly cloudy sky in the plot, heavy rainfalls are nor expected,” Antonio Lukich describes  My Thoughts Are Silent.

In 2019, the picture My Thoughts Are Silent was awarded the Special Prize from the East of the West Competition Jury at the IFF in Karlovy Vary. At the Odessa Film Festival the film has won the FIPRESCI Prize as Best Ukrainian full-length film, it also received the Audience Award and Special Mention from the Jury (Andrey Lidagovsky). At the 26th IFF “Listapad” the picture received the Special Mention from the “Youth on the March” Competition Jury (“For exploring new ways to say something about the homeland and for creative approach to it”).

“It is interesting to watch this film – you can understand what young and fresh cinema looks like in the country so similar to ours. It is interesting to observe how the way to the Carpathians becomes the way to yourself,” underlines Afisha.tut.by. “Antonio Lukich is a director born to create comedies. His advantage hides in his unusual way of thinking, in creative freedom and imagination. My favourite scene is when main characters visit spa resort in Uzhhorod, and the local dolce vita is shown to the music by American rapper Lil Peep,” Kultura writes.