Robots replace people at factories, Shazam searches for random songs, a gyro scooter replaces a taxi, while Tinder helps you find a partner… The film about love in the age of innovation and social media was directed by Cédric Klapisch, the festival award winner in Berlin and Karlovy Vary. You can watch and enjoy his film “Someone, Somewhere” until January 15th at the Falcon Club Cinema Boutique. “Someone, Somewhere” is a bold and romantic adventure film in the style of “Sleepless in Seattle”.

Он и Она

The “someones” live in the most romantic city on Earth, in Paris. They buy their groceries in the same shop and dine in the same restaurant, but they never met each other. Both are lonely and both dream of a new love. Will their roads cross someday?

Besides being the César award winner, the director Cédric Klapisch is the last romantic of the modern cinema. His “Paris”, “Russian Dolls” or “When the Cat’s Away” determine in lot of ways how we are used to perceiving Paris as a city of desires, a city of kisses and walking alone together. Even if we have already walked across Paris, alone, many times.

“We live in times of great tensions, depression, hatred and conflict. I felt that at this very moment we need to talk about the need for love. Since everything is going wrong in the world, why is this desire to meet someone, the “attracting force”, still arises? That’s how the idea to describe a long and sometimes chaotic journey leading to a romantic meeting came to me … This is a “story before a love story”” the director tells.

“Someone, Somewhere” premiered during Angoulême French film festival. The leading roles took Ana Girardot (“Knock”, “My way”) and François Civil (“Frank”, “Molière”). In 2019 F. Civil was awarded prize from the Chopard company as the best young actor. 

“At first I was not sure if François with his healthy and vibrant personality was suitable for the role of Remy who had a depressive side. But at some point I remembered our work together and told myself: “let’s go!””that’s how Cédric Klapisch explains his choice of actors. “I could not imagine anyone but Ana in the role of Melanie.”

“An ambitious narrative gamble lies at the heart of this French-language drama from the director Cédric Klapisch. Much like a Paris-based version of Sleepless in Seattle, it deliberately delays, until the very last scene, the first dizzying encounter of our two romantic protagonists.” the Times writes about the film. “A touching and optimistic film about the pursuit of happiness by young people in the age of hyperconnection” adds Cinedweller. 

You can watch the film in Belarus within the project “Listapad. The Collections”.