The Oscars is coming soon, and now is the time to join it. Screenings of documentaries that are included in the long- and shortlist of the award will take place in Minsk from 14 to 18 April. The program of the unique project “Oscars.doc. Nominees and Finalists” presents five films shown at numerous film festivals around the world, which have already been watched by thousands of viewers, which were discussed as nominees, and some continue to fight in the final for the prestigious Academy Award in the documentary category. The screenings will be held at the Silver Screen Galileo cinema. After watching the films it will be possible to discuss it with film experts Irina Demyanova and Maria Kostyukovich. The project is organized by the ART Corporation Center, a guide to intellectual auteur cinema.

The program of the documentaries “Ocars.doc. Nominees and Finalists” is interesting and actual. The cycle will start with a film in which problems, alas, are close to everyone. The theme of the coronavirus pandemic was reflected in the film “76 Days”. It chronicles the first 76 days of last year’s wave of coronavirus at Wuhan Hospital, at the epicenter of a frightening pandemic. This film is already a unique document of the era, as well as a story about sacrifice, mercy and hope.

Next – on April 15 – will be shown the film “Cave” about a children’s hospital in Syria. Film experts praised this picture for the existential feeling and accurately conveyed the theme of the protracted and merciless to everyone, even the children, the war in the Middle East. In addition, it reflects the fashion for gender cinema: the main character of the film is a Muslim woman, devoted to the work of a doctor and recklessly serving the cause of saving lives against the backdrop of war.

On April 16, you can see the movie “The Artist and the Thief” – an exciting crime story from life, which throws us incredible plots. The film is about the relationship between the artist and the thief who stole her painting, which develops in a bizarre and unexpected way. Relationships are getting closer and changing characters. Reality presents interesting stories and once again reminds us: “everything moves with love.”

April 17 on the screen – two-time nominee for the “Oscar” 2021 – “Collective” of the Romanian director Alexander Nanau. This picture is a vivid example of how documentary films answer the question: “Can cinema change our world?” Probably not, but it can force action by changing the view of today’s events, which are often dramatic and contradictory.

The authors of the Latin American film “Agent Mole” offer to witness incredible events in the life of an elderly private detective sent on a mission to a nursing home. And all this is in a rare genre of ironic comedy. The film “Agent Mole” will be shown on April 18.

All films will be screened in their original language with Russian subtitles. It will be possible to share impressions, discuss and talk to each other when you do not want to disperse, after the sessions, during conversations with film experts Irina Demyanova and Maria Kostyukovich.

The project “Oscars.doc. Nominees and Finalists” is organized by the Visual and Performing Arts Center ART Corporation – a guide to the good cinema for those who have missed the rental of fresh author’s films.

We advise you to take precautions and make your movie visit not only pleasant but also safe: please wear masks and other protective equipment.

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