This time the filmmakers of the hit The Intouchables Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano decided to show what people with autism feel. The story of The Specials based on true events, tells us about social problems through the prism of humor. In 2019, the film became the night closing film of the Cannes Film Festival. You can watch The Specials with Vincent Cassel in the lead role from 16 to 22 January in Belarus cinema and Falcon Club Cinema Boutique.

They live among us, we see them on the streets, in underground carriges and entrances of multi-storey blocks. We don’t notice their existence or are simply afraid to notice them. This could be the plot of a superhero film. But they do not walk on the air and do not shoot lightnings. This is a story about people who frantically need help, and about the man who gave them his whole life.

The film The Specials was directed by Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano. Their previous film The Intouchables in a comedic manner told us about social inequality and the lives of people with disabilities. The drama, which discovered the talent of Omar Sy, won the the César Award, the Goya Award and Russian National Movie Awards “Georges”, a nomination for the Golden Globe Awards and became a popular hit. Their new film The Specials received the audience choice award for best film at the San Sebastián International Film Festival.


“Our films are always about unexpected alliances. The new film had a special resonance: how people who have little or no communication and are considered special, manage to bring to communication the so-called “normal” people who in modern society have almost forgotten how to communicate. There is harmony in these associations, where different cultures, religions, worldviews and atypical life stories coexist perfectly, which many could learn from, “ says Eric Toledano.

One of the main roles, Malik, was played by the winner of the César Award Reda Kateb. The prototype of his character was Daoud Tatou, a young teacher from Saint-Denis who worked with children with autism spectrum disorders. In the role of Bruno starred Vincent Cassel, lowered the prize of the César Award. “We admire Vincent’s talent and desire to learn the gestures and demeanor of the people he has to play. And then, we wanted him to play the role of a man who feels uncertain in women’s society,” says Eric Toledano about the casting.

“This is a great film about opening up and accepting yourself and others. A call to listen and understand each other. A real and beautiful movie that gives hope”, write about the film Bande à part. Le Parisien notes:  “Reda Kateb is beyond reproach as usual. Vincent Cassel is dazzling.” “This is an extremely soulful and realistic film that will definitely appeal to the audience. A touching story told with humor”, sums up Screen International.