The 8th retrospective Japanese film show organised by the visual and performing arts centre «ART Corporation» with the support of the Embassy of Japan and the general partner – JTI company in Belarus – will take place starting from April 2 up until April 7 in Pioner cinema. This year the screenings of 6 masterpieces by a legendary director and the classic of world cinema Yasujiro Ozu will take place.


Connoisseurs of the Japanese cinema have a chance to see six restored films this year: four films in colour by the unsurpassed master and two in black and white.
Yasujiro Ozu is the author of films about everyday family life. He shot in the traditional Japanese style, positioning the camera at the level of the eyes of a Japanese sitting at home on the tatami. Other features of his films include no close-ups, the asceticism of editing and the laconicism of his narrative.

The retrospective «OZU» show opens up on April 2 with the motion picture Tokyo Story (1953), which is one of the three greatest films of all times according to the British Film Institute (BFI). In the calm manner inherent in the director, the eternal problem of life and death, the inevitable separation of parents raises the issue of disunity and disintegration of the traditional family not only relevant in post-war Japan.

Next on the big screen (April 3) we will see the first color film by Yasujiro Ozu – Equinox Flower (1958), a subtle and wise comedy full of magnificent cinematic humor. Ozu’s free-style remake of «I was born, but … » – Good Morning (1959) on April 4, Late Autumn (1960) on April 5, the film in which the director’s talent reaches its peak, continue the retrospective show.

The Japanese cinema festival will be completed by the delicacies An Autumn Afternoon (1962) on April 6 and The Flavor of Green Tea over Rice (1952) on April 7. «An Autumn Afternoon» is the last tape in Ozu’s career, a daily film in which the author leaves us his spiritual message – you just have to live. The main roles in it were played by Shima Iwashita and Shin’ichirô Mikami, better known to the viewer for the masterpieces of the «new wave» of the Shochiku studio. The last film of the program will be the black-and-white drama «The Taste of Rice with Green Tea» awarded with the prestigious Japanese film award Mainichi.

One of the features of this year’s retrospective show is an expanded program on inclusivity, implemented on the initiative of the festival’s permanent general partner JTI in Belarus. A special free screening of Tokyo Story will be organized for active citizens of Minsk in the 60+ age category who are students of Minsk University of the Third Age (no English version available on the website), a social partner of JTI. In addition, people with disabilities, members of the Republican Association of Wheelchair-Disabled People, will be able to freely attend shows.

Gennady Brusnikov, Deputy General Manager of JTI in Belarus, points out: «For us, a retrospective show of Japanese cinema is of particular importance, as it contributes to realise the two main goals of JTI in the socio-cultural sphere. These exclusive shows allow the Belarusian audience to get in touch with the masterpieces of Japanese cinema and promote the Belarusian-Japanese cultural exchange, which is important for us as a company with Japanese roots. In addition, they provide access to culture and art for both a wide audience and social groups with disabilities, which is also an integral part of our social programs».

A special guest, the film critic Hironori Ito will present the retrospective film show, joined by Igor Sukmanov, the program director of International Film Festival Listapad. Hironori Ito is a Master of Film Studies. He specializes in classic Japanese cinema, in particular – the works by Yasujiro Ozu.

Right before the start of the retrospective show on March 20, film critic and program director of the MIFF Listapad Igor Sukmanov will give a lecture «Yasujiro Ozu. Works of one genius». During the lecture we will talk about the features of Ozu’s style, we will focus on how it is perceived and how to enjoy watching the director’s films. The event will be held in the cultural hub «Ok16».

The organisers are the visual and performing arts centre «ART Corporation» and «Japan Tobacco International S&D».
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