The film “When Mom Is Away” ​​is not only a film about how to become the best friend for your children. It is also a story about a woman and respect for her rights, about the role of a father and about growing up – the whole bouquet of teenage problems is revealed through the example of the thirteen-year-old daughter of the heroes. This light and smart family comedy speaks in a language understandable to every age, without preaching and moralizing. Available from June 17 at Falcon Club Cinema Boutique.

The comedy “When Mom Is Away” ​​(10 giorni senza mamma, originally – “Ten Days Without Mom”) reveals a classic beloved storyline: dad is left alone at home with his children. This is a remake of the super popular comedies: the Argentinean “Mamá se fue de viaje” and the Spanish “Padre no hay más que uno” – with top Italian actors. The film became an Italian box office hit and received over 7.5 million euros.

Carlo and Julia have been married for a long time and have three children of different ages. Carlo spends most of his time at work and does not take part in household chores. Returning from another business trip, he learns that his wife, tired of being a housewife, decided to go on a vacation. Carlo will have to spend ten days alone with the children. It would be better if it worked 24/7!

Director Alessandro Genovezi warns that any coincidence with real persons and events is not accidental. He already knows: Genovese himself has three children. The entire film was filmed with a hand-held camera in order to most vividly convey the everyday curiosities of the “father in trouble”.

The film was warmly received by the Italian public, because the leading roles were played by some of the most beloved Italian actors Fabio De Luigi and Valentina Lodovini. Critics did not ignore the picture. The film was nominated for the main Italian film award “Silver Ribbon” for Best Comedic Actor.

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