One of the main masterpieces of the Swedish genius Ingmar Bergman – the film “Persona” with Bibi Anderson and Liv Ullman in the lead roles, will be shown in Minsk cinemas. Thus, all film fans will be able to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the psychological drama by watching the restored film on the big screen in Swedish language with Russian subtitles. The premiere screening on February 18 at the Tsentralny cinema can be watched and discussed with film expert Igor Sukmanov.

By the time “Persona” was filmed, Bergman was a recognized film director: he had already created “The Seventh Seal” and “Wild strawberries”, but the new film was a transition to a new level. Bergman wrote the script for his two muses, Liv Ullman and Bibi Andersson. The actresses played two sides of the same personality – they believed, Bergman himself. For filming, the director chose his beloved island of Fårö, where he spent a significant part of his life and died. The title of the film contains a reference to Jung’s concept, according to which “Persona” is an artificially created image, mask, social role necessary for existence in society and hiding the true personality. The film was instantly recognized as a masterpiece. Bergman himself admitted: “in “Persona”… I have reached my limit. That I freely touch the wordless secrets that only cinema can reveal”.

The film tells the story of the famous actress Elizabeth Vogler, who suddenly falls silent right during the performance and has since stopped talking. Physically and mentally she is healthy, but she feels as if to be numb. Nurse Alma is called to bring her out of this state. Together they go to an isolated house by the sea: there Elizabeth seems to come to life, but continues to be silent, and Alma keeps talking and talking, sharing her hopes, plans and fears. But the more Alma opens up to Elizabeth, the more her personality becomes blurred.

“Persona” is a story about the facets of the human personality, external and internal, true and false. The simple plot and visual black and white minimalism of the film hides a deep existential drama. Several generations of spectators and critics strive to solve the riddles of Bergman’s masterpiece, each time finding something new in it. Bergman radically experiments with the very nature of cinema, emphasizing the materiality of the image.

At this time, the camera of the great cameraman Sven Nykvist, known for many years of cooperation with Bergman, looks into the darkest corners of the human soul. A mesmerizing confrontation of light and darkness, silence and voice, the world famous close-up of two faces filling the screen – and “Persona” is forever inscribed in the history of art and humanity.

The film distribution in the cinema Tsentralny will be from February 18 to 24, and at the Falcon Club Cinema Boutique from February 25 to March 10. The distribution is organized by Visual and Performing Arts Centre “ART Corporation”. 

We advise you to take precautions and make your movie trip not only pleasant but also safe: please wear masks and use other protective means.

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