The history of the creation of the world’s most famous restaurant McDonald’s can be seen on the cinema screen. Screenings of the film “The Founder” directed by John Lee Hancock with Michael Keaton in the title role will be held from July 30 to August 12 at the cinema “Belarus” and Falcon Club Boutique Cinema.


How was the world’s most famous restaurant chain McDonald’s created? Learn the colorful and mysterious story of Ray Kroc, who turned from a loser salesman to a billionaire and a legend. The history of one of the most famous brands can be compared with the best thrillers in terms of intensity of passions and unexpected turns.

The “Founder” shows Ray Kroc from all sides – not just as a person, but also as an entrepreneur, and even as a real business shark: as a person with all the positive and negative sides that are only exacerbated in pursuit of the cherished dream. However, as noted by film reviewer Jeffrey McNab (The Independent), the film looks at the American Dream and its other side.

Director John Lee Hancock is known for two of his works: one is an Academy Award winner for Best Actress in the film “The Blind Side”, the other is an Academy Award nominee for Best Soundtrack in the film “Saving Mr. Banks” with Tom Hanks, Emma Thompson and Colin Farrell. The Founder’s cast is also not far behind: here is Nick Offerman, the face of “Parks and Recreation”, and Oscar-winning Laura Durne, and Michael Keaton, who has successfully reincarnated from Birdman into an adventurous businessman.


ART Corporation invites you to seize the moment and return to the movie halls, where everything is organized in order to keep the distance. We advise you to take precautions and make your movie visit not only enjoyable, but also safe.