Фильм "II"

On September 21 in the cinema “KARO.Art” a special screening of the film “II” by the Belarusian director Vlada Senkova with the participation of film critic Anton Dolin will take place. In addition, the film is now available online: the digital release of the film took place in all online cinemas in Russia. A social film project on the problems and topical issues of adolescents was created with the support of Visual and Performing Arts Centre “ART Corporation” and the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education.

The heroes of the film “II” – 16-year-old teenagers Sasha, Nastya and Christina – study in the tenth grade and live an ordinary life of adolescents: lessons, tutors, going to the cinema, parties. But one day the school is shocked by the news, because of which all fears and prejudices will come out.

The film by Vlada Senkova was created in a style close to a documentary one – so themes that are not talked about in public space and in art sound even more convincing. This is a movie about whether adolescents are free in their prejudices and whether they can be tolerant, about the importance of dialogue between parents and their children and about the consequences of human indifference.

The main roles in the film were played by young actors Alina Yukhnevich, Alexey Vainilovich and Ilaria Shashko. 

The world premiere of the film about love and friendship, fear, bullying, relationships with parents took place in October 2019 at the Warsaw International Film Festival, one of the largest film forums in Europe, where it received a Special Mention from the jury. After that, the film was in the Belarusian box office, and is now available online and in Russia.

Natalya Serebryakova from “Afisha Daily” characterizes Vlada Senkova’s directorial style in the following way: “The freshness, the love with which she shoots teenagers, the swiftness with which events develop, do their job. It seems that in the film there is not a single extra scene or extra shot. This is a real drama that can touch your heart”.

The director herself emphasizes that the film has become even more relevant within the framework of the events taking place in Belarus at the moment and expresses confidence that the younger generation can build the future of the country: “This is a movie about a new generation, about a generation that is not afraid, does not give up, does not accept … This movie is about a big gap between generations, such “Fathers and Sons”. Belarusian Limited Edition. It is very important to me that this movie has been released in Russia now, when terrible propaganda distorting reality is heard everywhere. I am glad to show you a real Belarusian who wants peace, kindness, love, freedom and change”.

A special screening of the film on September 21, 2020 will take place as part of the project of the cinema “KARO.Art” and the film distribution company “Russian report”. After screening, viewers will be able to join a zoom-meeting with director Vlada Senkova and actor Alexander Lesko. The special screening will be moderated by Anton Dolin, film critic and editor-in-chief of the magazine “Art of cinema”.

In addition, the film “II” can already be seen in the online cinemas “Kinopoisk HD”, OKKO, Ivi, Start, MegaLabs, Wink, Beeline.TV, Premier, Dom.ru, Kino.1tv.ru, Smotri.mail.ru, Nonfiction.film, Aikino !, Voka TV, iTunes, Google Play and others.