“Trainspotting” is a screen version of the bestselling Scottish writer Irwin Welch, a provocative, grotesque and outspoken film about drug addiction, personal choices in life and its consequences. The film received the largest box office at home in 1996, and later gained international fame at the Cannes Film Festival, where it was screened out of competition, but made a splash among critics. In honor of the 25th anniversary, ART Corporation will show the film in cinemas in Minsk, as well as in Grodno MOOON in English with Russian subtitles.

Mark Renton doesn’t need a career, cars, a healthy lifestyle, health insurance, mortgages and mind-numbing TV shows – he chose heroin, although he constantly tries to quit drugs. He lives in a remote area of ​​Edinburgh, surrounded by four friends: apathetic Spud, a fan of Sean Connery, nicknamed “Sick”, a nutty Begby and an athlete Tommy. Everyone’s life is an absurd vicious circle of drugs, money-seeking and attempts to take control of their own existence. Renton tries to quit heroin and goes to live in London, but the past doesn’t want to let him go …

From the novel by Irwin Welch, largely inspired by personal experience, the film took all the best: a group of charming antiheroes, cynical and sometimes even vulgar humor and the atmosphere of a broken reality bordering on hallucination. Danny Boyle created a world recognizable from the very first shots with the help of a brisk video editing to a dozen musical hits of the 1970-90s and perfectly captured the spirit of the times. Despite the gloomy theme and the devastation reigning on the screen, Trainspotting is not devoid of optimism and dashing enthusiasm: the heroes live to the fullest, here and now, not obeying any rules – even to the detriment of others and themselves.

An independent film with a modest budget and virtually unknown actors has become a true cultural phenomenon. Already in 1999 “Trainspotting” was ranked 10th in the list of the greatest British films of all time from the British Film Institute.

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